Michelin CrossClimate 2 - All-Season Tyre Test

Michelin CrossClimate 2 performs better on snow than the original version

  • Score: 99.3%
  • Ranking: 3rd
  • Price: £128.99

Another impressive performance for the CrossClimate 2, which again demonstrated the French firm’s shift in approach to its all-season tyre. The original CrossClimate focused more on wet and dry grip than snow, although it was significantly better on the white stuff than a summer tyre.

Michelin has tipped that performance balance more towards snow grip and was among the top performers in Sweden. But for relatively poor braking results, it could have left the Sottozero Centre in the lead, because it won on snow traction and was a close second in handling; a strong front end helped the Golf in the turns.

The CrossClimate 2 was also strong in the dry, coming out best across the two tests, winning the braking test and finishing close to the front-runners on the handling circuit. It lacked the sharpness of some rivals, but the grip was there and it could maintain the line accelerating through long turns.

As we saw last year, the improvement in snow grip has been at the expense of performance on wet roads where UK drivers spend much of the winter months. It was furthest off the pace in the deep-water tests, but was also lacking in the shallower assessments. The rear was stable and it was safely front limited, but lacked the bite of the best. Some of that wet grip may have helped fuel economy, where the CrossClimate 2 was strong.

We say:

If Michelin could add just a little more wet performance, this CrossClimate 2 would be very hard to beat, because it works well everywhere else.

Blackcircles.com says:

Part of the award-winning CrossClimate range, this tyre is very popular with our customers, scoring 4.6/5 from over 3,900 reviews. The feedback highlights excellent grip and good year-round performance.

Michelin CrossClimate 2ScorePlace
Snow braking97.1%6th
Snow traction100%1st
Snow handling99.8%2nd
Straight aquaplaning98.5%5th
Curved aquaplaning83.5%7th
Wet braking96.3%4th
Wet handling97.5%6th
Wet circle97.1%6th
Dry braking100%1st
Dry handling99.1%6th
Rolling resistance97.1%3rd
Cabing noise98.8%4th

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