Squirrel alive and well after Polo hole hell

VW Polo had to be cut open to rescue a squirrel after the cheeky animal got caught behind the grille of the moving car in Wales

Squirrel trapped in car engine

A squirrel was rescued from behind the grille of a Volkswagen Polo in North Wales on Sunday after the animal got trapped in front of the radiator - while the car was on the move.

Thanks to the efforts of RSPCA Cymru and local garage Moduron Maethlu Motors, the squirrel escaped unharmed - though the car wasn't so lucky. The mechanic from the garage had to cut a hole into the car's grille to free the critter that was squirreled away inside the VW's engine bay.

The car was then repaired free of charge by the garage, allowing the owner to drive home. Luckily there was no other damage to the Polo, as the grey fluffy animals have been known to have a taste for certain car parts. Though the problem of Squirrels feasting on cars so far seems to have been confined to Toyota models.

RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh said: "This remarkable squirrel had been through an unbelievable ordeal, somehow getting through the grille of a moving car! RSPCA Cymru is grateful to Moduron Maethlu Motors, who were happy to attend straight away to help an animal, which was amazing.

"Thankfully, the animal found its way to freedom through a hole which the mechanic had made for it. This was quite an incredible rescue."

Now read about the car that was eaten by squirrels...


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