VW Golf R Cabriolet prices

7 Feb, 2013 7:15pm Damion Smy

Prices and specifications have been announced for the new 261bhp Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet

The Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet will arrive in UK showrooms this spring, and it's the first ever R model with a folding roof.

Like the flagship Golf R hatch on which it’s based, the Golf R Cabriolet is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine with a six-speed DSG gearbox. This gives the Golf R Cabriolet a total power output of 261bhp, which is 5bhp less than the hatch but 53bhp more than the Golf GTI Cabriolet.

A claimed 0-62mph time of 6.4 seconds makes it the fastest cabriolet Volkswagen has ever built, but is still 0.9 seconds down on the Golf R hatch, which can manage the sprint in just 5.5 seconds. This is due in part to the fact it does without the hatchback’s four-wheel-drive system. However, this also means that fuel economy is expected to be slightly better than the hatch’s 33.6mpg and 195g/km.

The Golf R Cabriolet gets aggressive front and rear bumpers, side skirts and 18-inch alloy wheels. Sports suspension means that it sits 25mm lower than the regular Golf Cabriolet, while there are also Xenon daytime running lights with gloss black surroundings to match the gloss black grille. At the rear, the chrome exhaust pipes are mounted centrally as on the Golf R and previous Golf R32 models, while the brake calipers are finished in the signature blue colour of R models.

The fabric roof takes 11 seconds to raise and can be operated while driving at speeds of up to 18mph. It takes 9.5 seconds to fold down, revealing a cabin that features leather upholstery with ‘R’ logo embroidery on the sports seats, as well as brushed aluminium pedals. In front of the leather-wrapped sports steering wheel and shift paddles, blue lighting around the dials continues the R theme.

The Golf R Cabriolet starts at £38,770, which is an extra £8,000 over the GTI Cabriolet with DSG transmission and £5,000 more than the Golf R hatch.

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if only every thing in life was as boring as a golf


why is this coming out now with the mark 7 already out???

Almost 40k for a golf in which i will look such a prat? no thanks.

So 1k more than a new Porsche Boxster which has 265bhp! Are they mental?

yeah, but you're comparing a 4 seater with probably the best 2 seater sports car available. The Boxter's fantastic, but this Golf is meant to take the kids out with you on a sunny day. You should be comparing this with convertibles like the dog slow, rattly 320d sport BMW 4 seater convertible (which unbelievably is also £38k!!!!!.. gasp!!!), and when you do that then the Golf is definitely a good buy, and comparatively very reasonably priced. I'd definitely consider it (if I could afford it!!), it's looks great & there's no better 4 seat convertible at the price.

...then why do you click on links to cars that you think are boring? Move on mate! You're boring!

Prestige badge or ... a hyped up normal badge? After all, VW bang on about the badge all the time. I'd rather drive around in the BMW.

A car for someone with more money than sense

Agreed with Petrol head. Don't like the car. Do one!!

What is a "Prestige Badge"?... what does that mean? Surely it's BMW drivers - and people like you (as you've just proved) "that keeps banging on about the badge" all the time.. and not VW. Thankfully, many people are more sensible than just buying a vehicle because of some deluded "Audi/Merc/BMW badge" attitude. Maybe 10 years ago a BMW was a more "highbrow" vehicle than a VW - but not anymore. VW competes with BMW, so what is your problem? Are you only ever going to choose a BMW/Merc/Audi?... even when some other manufacturers are producing equally good cars? Oh Dear... your trapped in the "badge"... well that's ridiculous! Many people choose a VW because they've compared similar vehicles produced by VW and BMW and think VW is the better car. Thankfully I'm not a snob, and can therefore choose the best vehicle - it that were the BMW, I'd happily buy it, but many VWs are better than BMWs these days. Everyone knows that VW now complete with BMW. They cost the same amount of money, they're just as well built (if not better), and they feel at least as "highbrow" and expensive to sit in and ride. I feel sorry for snobs (it's a real problem in Britain - not so in other countries - who must have only 1 of 3 badges, Merc/Audi/BMW). In any sense of the term, the badges are equally "prestigious"...... whatever that ridiculous snobby term means. Thankfully VW drivers are not pretentious snobs, and don't feel the need to have their elbows permanently stuck to the window or pull stupid smug looking faces, and only wear their sun glasses when they feel they need to - usually when it's sunny!!

£38k for a Golf? Are they mad!

Stick with the 4 wheel drive r at least it would be better on britans crap roads