300bhp New VW Golf R tipped

VW Golf R badge
12 Apr, 2013 12:49pm Mat Watson

The new Volkswagen Golf R will have even more power but a lower price

The next Volkswagen Golf R could have up to 300bhp, Auto Express can reveal.

An insider told us the new flagship would definitely deliver 20bhp more than the previous 265bhp model, but that the total power output “could even start with a three” – putting the car right up against the new Audi S3.

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Yet despite being the hottest Golf ever, the newcomer is likely to be slightly cheaper than before, with prices starting at around £30,000.

Once again, a 2.0-litre turbo engine will drive all four wheels. However, Volkswagen is trying to cut the weight of the 4WD system – the old Golf R was 150kg heavier than the GTI, but the difference is likely to be around 100kg this time round.

The new model could also feature a development of the Golf GTI’s optional electronically controlled mechanical front limited slip differential to provide torque vectoring and help reduce understeer. It will also get a specially developed electronic stability system which can be fully deactivated, unlike on the GTI.

Another new feature for the Golf R will be quad exhaust pipes for the first time; the previous car had two central mufflers. The new Golf R is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and go on sale in the UK early next year.

We'll publish the new VW Golf GTI review on Monday 21 April.

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Sounds like they have the M135i in their sights.

Sounds like an audi S3 without the audi badge!

Urgh, here we go again.....

Dear Sir/Madam
Since learning of the visually underwhelming Audi S3, I have a pressing request to make. Please don't bother bringing this sizzling fast hot hatch to the market if your designers can't give it the looks to go with the pace.
Thanks and best regards

ahhh the golf r... the car only to be bought by asians in birmingham

Superb car, with superb performance, and for just £30k!! Just look at what you can get from BMW for £30k, and then you realise what fantastic value the Golf is. Once it has the R styling features, I'm sure it will look fantastic - stylish, sleek & yet subtle, unlike most of the garish, pig ugly obscenities that are now hitting our roads.

It's the other way around - it is BMW that brought out the m135i in an attempt to compete with the likes of the Golf R, which has been in production for many years now. VW are just pushing the game even further forward.

"We'll publish the new VW Golf GTI review on Monday 21 April"
I guess you meant "Monday 22 April"

yup, spotted that one too :)

But still coming in slightly lower in price no doubt as to make good sales when faced up against the mighty M135i... many will want the AWD and better fuel consumption of the R but the superior handling prowess and engine note of the BMW means VW are treading carefully.

Oh hang on... It is!