Volkswagen Golf R hot hatch vs the big freeze

7 Feb, 2014 9:30am

In this video review the Volkswagen Golf R battles it out in icy conditions

The Volkswagen Golf R is the first-ever Golf which allows the traction control to be turned off completely.

Volkswagen Golf R in-depth review

Volkswagen Golf review 

What this means for us - on a low-grip, icy surface in Northern Sweden - is that big drifts are very easy to pull off, and it's seriously fun.

If you opt for the six-speed manual model, the Volkswagen Golf R will reach 0-62mph in just 5.3 seconds. Comparatively, opt for the six-speed DSG and this drops to 4.9 seconds.

This isn't just the most powerful Golf ever, it's also the most aggressive-looking, whether you opt for the three or five-door model.

You can also choose extras such as 19-inch wheels, sports suspension and trademark quad exhausts. Prices start at under £30,000 for the three-door manual - that's around 2K less than its sister car, the Audi S3.

If anyone thinks a Volkswagen Golf is a dull car, we'd urge them to try the Volkswagen Golf R. We'd describe it as a genuine sports car wrapped up in a hatchback body. Watch the video for some awesome drifts and more!