Hotter VW Golf R spied

27 Mar, 2014 5:03pm Jordan Bishop

Lighter, more powerful Volkswagen Golf R spied under GTI disguise, could debut at Beijing Motor Show next month

This Volkswagen Golf may look like a tuned GTI from German racing team Wiechers Sport. But we suspect that underneath the GTI-badged body is the more extreme version of the Golf R we reported on in January

Spotted near the Nurburgring under escort from two VW support vehicles, these spy shots provide several clues that the car seen here is actually the stripped-out hot-hatch an insider tipped will debut at the Beijing Motor Show next month April.

As you can see, a roll cage has been added, one of the lightweight techniques reportedly designed to slash the standard R’s 1,476kg kerbweight. The car has also been equipped with a lowered suspension, a massive rear spoiler and – rather suggestively – seats from the Golf R. 

The lighter, even more powerful hot hatch, expected to be called the Golf R Evo, will make use of a carbon-fibre roof and sections of carbon-fibre bodywork to cut 100kg. Thinner bucket seats in the front, no rear seats and the addition of lighter alloys are further weight-saving measures targeted at securing gains in performance.

When combined with a slightly tuned version of the Golf R’s 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which currently generates 296bhp and 380Nm, a four-wheel drive Golf R Evo fitted with six-speed DSG should manage 0-62mph in around 4.6 seconds. 

Presented as a concept car initially, a production model could go on sale early next year, priced slightly above the standard Golf R, which starts at £29,900. 

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Why would you bother? It's just a Golf, basically a pensioners carriage. Turd-polishing exercise. Remains a Sows ear, even with mixed metaphors.

I hate hot hatches with roll cages. The whole point in a hot hatch is to bring sports car power to practical cars - what's the point if it's got the same amount of seats as a sports car!?

Exactly, if you want an impractical 2-seater you buy a 2 seater sports car that isn't lumbered with hatchback comprimises

I wouldn't say it's turd polishing. The Golf is a very good hatchback with styling no-one will love but no-one should hate, hence it's mass appeal. This version, however would be pointless.

Hole in one! I couldn't have written better myself.

I understand this car is disguised...or does it look like this? Back to 1980s? Germans never had a clue about design,with exception of Mercedes, but this is really grotesque and monstrous,may appeal only to teenagers.

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