Michelin CrossClimate+

The scores for this and the Continental can’t be much closer, but they got them quite differently.

The scores for this and the Continental can’t be much closer, but they got them quite differently. As before, this ‘summer tyre with winter capability’ foregoes snow grip for better performance on the surfaces all-season users will encounter more often. It was last but one in the snow tests, and last of our top four in the wet, but by only 1.3 per cent, while retaining a good balance and decent traction on the handling track. 

It starred in the dry, well ahead of the next best and close to the summer tyre. It had a sharpness rivals couldn’t get near, making it ideal for more performance-focussed cars. With a good showing at the pumps, this will be the ideal all-year-round combination for many drivers.

We say: Wet and dry road star, but still useful on snow says: With over 6,200 customer reviews and available in sizes up to 20 inches, this range continues to be an extremely popular choice. Motorists regularly rate it very highly, scoring 4.7/5.

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Michelin CrossClimate+  
Snow braking88.30%8
Snow traction95.50%2
Snow handling95.30%8
Straight aquaplaning96.30%4
Curved aquaplaning 92.20%8
Wet braking93.70%3
Wet handling98.80%2
Dry braking100.00%1
Dry handling   100.00%1
Rolling resistance93.40%4
Cabin noise90.80%6
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