Best pressure washer shampoo 2018

Pour in these formulas to for some of the best ways to blast away the winter filth

A pressure washer will shift damaging winter grit from your car without you dragging it across the clearcoat. And a specialist shampoo can help. These formulas are usually diluted to match the washer’s higher rate, and deliver a foam that clings to paint, loosening dirt. Many work through snow foam lances, but most users stick with the soap dispenser. 

We applied each of 12 products to its specified dilution for general soiling to a masked-off area and let it work. We then blasted a section with the lance from a set distance for five seconds. Our test focused on shifting grime, but we also noted price at our diluted rate, plus if the shampoos could be used through a hand spray.

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Best pressure washers on sale

Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD

Price: Around £17Size: 5,000mlRating: 5.0 

Once Bilt-Hamber has won a test it doesn’t give it up easily, and it takes its third victory on the trot here. Unusually, Surfex HD is not described as a wash or shampoo, but an all-purpose cleaner (APC) and degreaser. Despite this, the biodegradable product goes on with a decent foam and clings as well as specialist formulas. We tried it diluted this time around, making it easy on the pocket, although it still left a clean section that few rivals could get close to matching.

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Buy the Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD from Bilt Hamber here

Ultimate Finish Ultimate Snow Foam

Price: Around £15Size: 5,000mlRating: 4.5 

We’ve long been fans of online retailer Ultimate Finish’s own-brand snow foam, and our test showed why. Even though it’s designed mainly for use through a snow foam lance, it worked well through our lower-pressure device. It also works via a hand pump sprayer. It can be diluted one part soap to three parts water for light soiling, too. As with rivals we opted for this light cleaning rate, and it clearly made progress.

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Buy the Ultimate Snow Foam from Ultimate Finish here

Auto Curators Essential Soak

Price: £14Size: 1,000mlRating: 4.0 

Launched in 2017, the car care range developed by detailer Auto Curators has impressed us. The products have performed well, even if they’re pricey. And Essential Soak delivered a good result here, matching Ultimate Snow Foam. But it works out more costly; you pay for a litre close to what others charge for five. Still, it can be diluted heavily, and further still if used through a hand sprayer.

Buy the Essential Soak from Auto Curators here

Angelwax FastFoam

Price: Around £22Size: 5,000mlRating: 4.0

Another regular top performer here completes our top four. It continues to shift grime better than most, even when diluted. As with Ultimate Snow Foam it is primarily designed to be used through a snow foam lance, but even through our basic soap system there was a decent lather. Fast Foam also needs time to work – 10 minutes in this case – but it’s worth the wait as it loosened grime well. A high dilution of one part soap to nine parts water also makes it cost-effective.

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Best pressure washer shampoo

  1. 1. Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD
  2. 2. Ultimate Finish Ultimate Snow Foam
  3. 3. Auto Curators Essential Soak
  4. 4. Angelwax FastFoam

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