Used buyer's guide: Alfa Romeo Spider

Don’t be put off by Alfa’s reputation, the Spider makes a fine buy

How much?

Most V6s we found had a manual box, which is no bad thing, but they’re more costly; prices range from £13,000 to £19,000. The more common 2.2 JTS costs up to about £18,000 (for a low-mileage 10-plate), while the newest diesels fetch £1,000 more. You’ll be doing well to find an auto; virtually all of these cars have a manual gearbox.You’ll need at least £9,000 to buy this generation of the Spider; that secures a 50,000-mile 07-plate 2.2 JTS. For £1,500 more you can get an early diesel, while you’ll need to spend from £11,000 for a 3.2-litre V6 auto.

Running costs

ModelInsurance groupFuel economyCO2 emissionsAnnual road tax
1,750 TBi3434mpg189g/km£250
2.2 JTS2830mpg221g/km£270
3.2 JTS3725mpg262g/km£475
3.2 JTS Q43724mpg273g/km£475
2.0 JTDm3252mpg142g/km£135
2.4 JTDm3041mpg179g/km£215

Whatever engine is fitted, the Spider must be serviced every 21,000 miles or two years, although cars used for short trips and urban driving should be checked annually. Models with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) may also need more frequent maintenance; a dash display will say if it’s required. Servicing costs for four-cylinder Spiders range from £385 to £583; on the V6 it’s £394-£796.

Petrol models are chain-driven, but the cambelt on diesel Spiders needs replacing every four years or 84,000 miles (for £400). Also required are fresh brake fluid every two years (£54) and coolant (£115), although there’s no set renewal schedule for the latter.

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