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Audi RS6 vs dream garage - specifications

 Audi RS6 AvantCaterham Roadsport 150 SigmaNissan 350zFord Mondeo
On the road price/total as tested"£77,730/£79,085""£21,545/£22,515""£26,900/£27,360""£25,545/£29,170"
"Residual value (after 3yrs/36,000)""£39,642/51.0%"N/A/N/A"£13,988/52.0%""£9,554/37.4%"
Running costs/contract hire"218ppm/£1,676"N/A76.9ppm/£44464.1ppm/£459
Annual tax liability std/higher rate"£5,369/£10,738"N/A/N/A"£1,883/£3,766""£1,226/£2,452"
Annual fuel cost (12k/20k miles)"£4,057/£6,762""£2,223/£3,705""£2,650/£4,416""£2,246/£3,744"
Ins. group/quote/VED band/cost46/£945/G/£400N/A/£275/C11/£18545/£475/G/£40019/£341/D/£145
Cost of 1st/2nd/3rd service£420/£580/£450£300/£300/£300£180/£260/£180£118/£190/£180
Peak power "572/6,250 bhp/rpm""150/6,900 bhp/rpm""309/6,800 bhp/rpm""173/3,500 bhp/rpm"
Peak torque "650/1,500 Nm/rpm""162/5,350 Nm/rpm""358/4,800 Nm/rpm""420/1,750 Nm/rpm"
Transmission 6-spd auto/4wd5-spd man/rwd6-spd man/rwd6-spd man/fwd
Fuel tank capacity/spare wheel80 litres/sp. saver36 litres/foam80 litres/sp. saver70 litres/sp. saver
Boot capacity (seats up/down) "565/1,660 litres"120 litres/N/A235 litres/N/A"542/1,733 litres"
Turning circle11.5 metres10.0 metres11.3 metres11.8 metres
Basic warranty (miles)/recovery"3yrs (60,000)/3yrs"1yr/none"3yrs (60,000)/1yr""3yrs (100,000)/1yr"
Service intervals/UK dealersVariable/135"6,000 miles/two""9,000 miles/209"Variable/781
Driver Power manufacturer/dealer pos11th/16thN/A26th/22nd20th/26th
Euro NCAP: Adult/child/ped./pointsN/AN/AN/A5/3/2/92 (hatch)
0-60/30-70mph3.0/4.6 secs*5.5/5.5 secs5.8/5.3 secs9.1/8.9 secs
30-50 in 3rd/4th 6.1/9.1 secs*3.2/4.9 secs3.4/4.7 secs3.2/5.1 secs
50-70 in 5th/6th 8.8 secs/N/A5.9/9.2 secs6.4/8.7 secs
Top speed/rpm at 70mph "155mph/2,000""122mph/3,500""155mph/2,500""130mph/2,000"
Braking 70-0/60-0/30-0mph 46.9/34.5/8.7m50.4/41.8/10.2m48.3/34.8/8.8m48.5/35.5/9.0m
Noise levels outside/idle/30/70mph67/50/61/70dB71/70/80/91dB56/53/65/71dB67/50/61/70dB
Auto Express economy/range16.0mpg/282 miles29.2mpg/231 miles24.5mpg/431 miles32.3mpg/497 miles
Govt urban/extra-urban/combined 13.8/27.4/20.2mpgN/A16.6/32.1/24.1mpg33.6/57.6/45.6mpg
Actual/claimed CO2/tax bracket408/333g/km/35%223g/km/N/A/N/A266/280g/km/35%234/165g/km/24%
Airbags/ABS/parking sensorsSix/yes/yesNo/no/noSix/yes/£395Seven/yes/yes
Air-con/leather/heated seatsYes/yes/yesNo/£250/noYes/no/no"Yes/£1,250/yes"
Alarm/xenons/active dampersYes/yes/yesNo/no/noYes/yes/noYes/£300/£650
Met paint/stability/cruise controlYes/yes/yes"£1,150/no/no"£460/yes/no£375/yes/yes
Sat-nav/CD changer/MP3/BluetoothYes/yes/yes/yesNo/no/no/noNo/yes/£130/yes"£1,200/y/y/£150"
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