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New Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 2022 review

The Chiron Super Sport is the culmination of decades of high-speed experience and Bugatti at its very best. It's a hypercar like no other

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5.0 out of 5

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As more hypercars turn towards full electrification to achieve this level of performance, that the Chiron Super Sport does it with petrol power is even more impressive – and it adds a massive dose of character, too. Its personality is much more dynamic than expected, but it’s still the hammer-blow performance that dominates the experience. It’s exquisite.

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A test drive is part of the process when it comes to the buying decision and even the specification process, but it’s also a chance to experience what Bugatti’s products can really do.

I fire up the Stormtrooper-spec Chiron and the 1,578bhp 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine rumbles into life with a menacing burble from its vertically stacked exhausts. As I head onto the road it dawns on me this £3.5million (including options) monster is already sold. No pressure, then.

But the driving position feels right and visibility is good, too, despite the Chiron’s vast dimensions and low-slung posture.

The Super Sport rolls away; nothing dramatic, just smooth, easy take-up that inspires confidence. This is reinforced on the move in every dynamic area you can imagine. The brakes have a wonderfully linear response and aren’t at all grabby. They have a superbly reassuring feel of solidity and the Chiron sheds speed while tracking straight and true on even patchy roads; handy, because you will achieve high speeds.

The throttle pedal is long and once you’ve squeezed it to the stop there’s a slight delay as the boost builds. Once into its stride, with more than 2,000rpm showing and on full throttle, it catapults forward like no combustion-engined car I’ve ever experienced. Despite its size and turbocharging, the engine revs with hunger. But while the 2.4-second 0-62mph time is impressive, it’s not the most eye-widening stat; 0-186mph takes just 12.1 seconds, while 0-273mph is dispatched in 28.6.

As every new gear slices home, you expect the onslaught to die away, but the Super Sport forces you to re-assess your frame of reference; it’s sustained at a level that’s scarcely believable. But far from being a blunt instrument that bludgeons the horizon, the Chiron Super Sport has a dynamic side. The steering is judged perfectly, with a surprisingly engaging weight and rate of response from the front axle. It handles impeccably for a car that weighs around two tonnes, and it’s fun.

That price tag evaporates from your mind quickly to the point where you can be bold and push the Bugatti, tapping into the four-wheel-drive system’s immense traction despite that power output. It’s a sensational experience that equals the excitement of specifying one. “Sold” I say. “I’ll have my people wire your people the money.” I wish.


Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Price:£3.2 million

8.0-litre quad-turbo W16




Seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, four-wheel drive

0-62mph:2.4 seconds
Top speed:273mph
On sale:Sold out

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Sean’s been writing about cars since 2010, having worked for outlets as diverse as PistonHeads, MSN Cars, Which? Cars, Race Tech – a specialist motorsport publication – and most recently Auto Express and sister titles Carbuyer and DrivingElectric

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