Bosch shows off cockpit of the future at CES 2017

Tech-filled concept car is "a personal assistant on four wheels" thanks to haptic gesture controls and personalised driving setups

Bosch has lifted the lid on its concept car at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show focusing on a personal experience for each driver.

The car on display features a drive monitor camera that remembers personal preferences like steering wheel, wing mirror and seating positions.

It’ll also adapt in-car temperature based on who’s at the wheel plus tune into your favourite music via the infotainment system. 

The system is also a safety aid capable of monitoring the current state of the driver and issuing warnings if they’re at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.

2017 CES show: latest car tech news

The camera also tracks eye movement allowing users to activate certain controls just by looking at them.

Werner Struth, member of the board of management at Bosch, said: “Today’s consumers are demanding innovative products and services at ever-shorter intervals. 

We want to offer some products and services that acts as an assistance. Personalisation is the next level of connectivity – and Bosch is driving it forward – through all spheres of life. In doing so, we are contributing to improving quality of life.”

Gesture control - a big feature at CES in previous years - has been taken a step further by Bosch for CES 2017 with haptic controls that offer feedback to the driver.

The technology uses ultrasound sensors that let your hand feel whether it is in the right spot when controlling the interface via a virtual barrier.

Struth added: “Once highly automated driving becomes reality, the car will be a third living space next to the home and the office – a personal assistant on four wheels.”

At the concept car launch, Bosch also gave an update on its retro-fit eCall system from CES 2016. Once plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter, it can sense a collision and automatically send the relevant information to a service centre.

Bosch has now partnered with an insurance firm in the US to pilot the accident detection system with the service centre contacting the driver directly or notifying the nearest emergency services.

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