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Nissan Juke vs MINI Clubman

Stand out from the crowd, as we put the new flagship diesel Nissan Juke up against its MINI Clubman rival

Nissan Juke vs. MINI Clubman
There's plenty of sparkle in the 
supermini sector, thanks to the 
dramatic new Nissan Juke. Just a few years ago, buyers who wanted to stand out from the crowd had limited options, but the crossover model is like nothing else on the road.
We’ve already tested the petrol version, and now it’s the diesel’s turn to dazzle. With quirky coupé looks and a raised ride height, the Juke aims to do to the supermini class what the company’s larger Qashqai has 
done to the compact hatchback segment.
Video: watch CarBuyer's video review of the Nissan Juke
The 1.5 dCi version adds punchy diesel 
performance and economy of nearly 50mpg 
to the practical five-door package. But the Nissan isn’t the only head-turning choice for the fashion-conscious. For £375 less than 
the price of the top-of-the-range Juke Tekna tested here, you could get behind the wheel of the latest MINI Cooper D Clubman. 
The British-built hatch promises to deliver even better economy than its rival, and can be customised using the brand’s huge array of optional extras. So it’s a battle to see which shines more brightly – but will it be the Juke or Clubman that glitters in this test? 


Both of these cars have the looks to brighten up your life, but which one will lose its lustre first? Well, we’re convinced that the appeal of the MINI burns the brightest.
Although the Clubman isn’t as daring as the Juke, buyers can do plenty to personalise its styling, and it’s surprisingly practical, too. Delve deeper, and the Cooper D is fun to drive and incredibly efficient, while strong residual predictions and the great-value tlc servicing pack ensure it will be pain-free in the long term. 
That leaves the Nissan in second place – yet there’s still lots to admire about it. If eye-catching looks and generous kit are a priority, the Juke is perfect. Trouble is, it doesn’t have the efficiency and interior quality of the MINI. 
The biggest disappointment comes on the road, though, as the driving experience doesn’t live up to the promise of the car’s bold styling. 

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