How to replace wiper blades (sponsored)

Windscreen wipers are a vital safety feature. Read on for our guide to windscreen wiper replacement

Checking and replacing your wiper blades is one of the easiest maintenance jobs you can do on your car. Here’s how to do it…

You should change your wipers every year. It’s easy to tell when they need replacing – the blades will smear and won’t clear water from the screen efficiently. Have a close look at them when the car is parked; if the rubber is starting to come away from the metal arm, they’re at the end of their life.

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So when it’s time to get replacement wipers, make sure you change the whole item – the metal wiper and the rubber blade. While you can buy just the rubber blades, they’re tricky to fit and often don’t work well.

There are many different types and sizes of wipers, so speak to your local Nissan dealer who can advise.

How to change windscreen wiper blades

Switch on the ignition and activate the wipers. When they’re in their vertical position, turn off the engine so the wipers remain upright – that makes them easier to change.

Next, pull the wiper arms away from the car. They’re spring loaded, so there will be some initial resistance, but once they’re in the air they should stay there.

Most cars’ wipers have a ‘u-hook’ connector; simply turn the wiper 90 degrees away from the windscreen and unclip it from the metal arm.

Now it’s time to fix the new wiper, which is simply a case of reversing the removal process. Once the blade is in place, gently lay the wiper arm back down, taking care not to damage the windscreen. And that’s it.

If you’re unsure how to change or which wiper blade is suitable for your car, check your handbook. You can find out more and purchase the right item on Nissan’s eBay store. Alternatively, for the best peace of mind, a Nissan dealer will replace them for you.

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