Nissan Juke Turbo

We take wheel of top-spec Brit-built baby

Overall Auto Express Rating

3.0 out of 5

The lofty driving position, decent handling and bold looks make the Juke a real contender in this segment. This turbocharged variant offers a welcome upgrade in power, and although the car’s chassis struggles to transfer this to the road, the competitive price tag is sure to tempt buyers.

With a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, Nissan’s range-topping Juke promises to blend hot hatch performance with SUV looks. But can it deliver on UK roads?
The 187bhp powerplant certainly feels punchy, and it’s capable of launching the model from 0-62mph in eight seconds flat. But the Nissan has difficulty transferring that power to the road, especially in the wet. Pull away too aggressively and the front wheels spin uselessly. 
Video: watch CarBuyer's video review of the Nissan Juke
The solution would be to opt for the four-wheel-drive model, but it’s more expensive and takes four-tenths-of-a-second longer to cover 0-62mph. Aside from the engine, this model is no different to any other in the Juke range, and that means it suffers from the same shortcomings. While it corners well for such a tall vehicle, it lacks the composure of more planted hatchback rivals, plus the ride is jittery. 
And although the electric power-steering is accurate and quick, it’s short on feel. Our top-spec Tekna model costs £17,395, which sounds a lot in isolation. But in comparison to the two-wheel-drive version of MINI Countryman S, which is £22,340, the Juke represents excellent value for money. 
The standard equipment list includes cruise control, rain-sensing lights and wipers, a smart key, reversing camera, automatic air-conditioning and full leather upholstery. 

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