Renault vans: exploring the benefits to your business

Here’s everything you need to know about Renault vans, the products and what they could do to drive your business forward

Renault is a huge name in the light commercial vehicle market, both in the UK and across Europe. The success of the Renault van range is something the company is rightly proud of, but it hasn’t come about by accident.

Renault knows vans, Renault knows van customers and it’s constantly bringing that experience to bear in offering a range of light commercial vehicle products that is perfectly in tune with the way businesses like yours work. 

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From low operating costs, built upon inherent durability, the latest powertrain technology and a van-expert dealer network, to diverse model ranges and practical ‘mobile office’ interior designs, Renault vans are the complete package. Renault Kangoo, Trafic and Master are already well-respected names among UK businesses and the latest versions of each Renault model take their established qualities to the next level. Let’s take a look at exactly what each has to offer…

Renault Kangoo

Renault’s competitor in the compact van class, the Renault Kangoo mixes the latest passenger car technology with big van capability and toughness. Efficiency is the key, both in terms of the van’s use of space and its advanced ENERGY dCi diesel engines that cut running costs down to size.

With variable geometry turbocharging technology, Stop & Start and a regenerative braking system derived from Renault’s F1® activities, the Kangoo’s engines turn in sparkling performance on the road and at the pumps.

All units are compliant with the latest Euro 6 emissions regulations without the need for complex AdBlue exhaust after-treatment and official combined cycle fuel economy is measured at up to 65.7mpg for the ML 19 Energy dCi 90E6 engine*. 

The Kangoo is nimble and cost-effective to run, but a 3.0m3 load volume – or 4.0m3 in the extended Kangoo Maxi model – allows it to carry loads that belie its size. In the cab area there are innovative solutions like a multi-position bulkhead that moves to protect the driver when the passenger seat is folded down to create 0.6m3 of extra load space.

Drivers also benefit from Renault’s optional R-Link 7-inch touchscreen system, the same one found in the latest Renault passenger cars. It combines TomTom® navigation with DAB radio, voice control, downloadable apps and an Eco Driving Coach that offers tips on cutting the Kangoo’s fuel consumption even further.

Renault Kangoo Z.E

Of course, if slashing the amount your business spends at the filling station is a priority, the Renault Kangoo can reduce it to zero. The Renault Kangoo Z.E. is a cutting-edge pure electric van built on the proven technology pioneered by Renault in its ZOE and Twizy passenger cars.

Available in standard or Kangoo Maxi Z.E. guises, it’s a commercial vehicle solution that could transform your business through its ultra-low running costs and taxation. Near-silent running, zero exhaust emissions and powerful, instant performance count among the associated benefits of what feels like a compact van for the future.   

Renault Trafic

Renault’s Trafic panel van bridges the gap in the Renault van range between the smaller Kangoo and the full-size Renault Master panel van. It offers a wide and versatile line-up with two wheelbases and two roof heights, giving load volumes from 5.2m3 all the way up to 8.6m3. Beyond that you have 5-seater crew van variants and the Trafic Passenger minibus, while Platform cab variants can take further specialist modifications. It all means that the Trafic can be tailored to suit your business down to the ground.

If you choose a Business+ or higher, you get a van crafted to provide the ideal working environment. Renault designed the cabin to function as a true mobile office with clever features from under-seat storage trays to a fold-down centre seat with laptop holder, touchscreen infotainment systems and mobile device cradles all available, depending on the model. 

In the load area, Renault’s ingenious optional load-through bulkhead lets operators fit items up to 4.15m long into LWB models by sliding them through a flap in the bulkhead, under the specially designed passenger seat and into the passenger footwell. It’s extra capacity that could negate the need for a larger van and it’s a perfect example of how smart thinking pervades the Trafic’s design.

With a variety of engines available, you can choose the option that suits your business needs. The range-topping twin-turbo SL29 ENERGY dCi 125 E6 uses Stop & Start together with a regenerative braking system to achieve 47.2mpg* on the combined cycle in van form. The van also features an ECO mode that can cut running costs further by optimising throttle response.

Additional driving aids that can be specified include the wide view mirror in the passenger sun visor that helps drivers see into the van’s blind spot and a rear parking camera with its display set into the rear view mirror. Once again, it’s clever thinking that sets the Renault Trafic apart.  

Renault Master

The Renault Master reigns supreme in Renault’s commercial vehicle line-up – this large, capable panel van has a range so diverse customers can specify a vehicle bespoke to their needs.

Need a lot of space? Renault Master load volumes extend up to a truly cavernous 17m3 or if weight is your priority, the maximum payload of 2,167kg will be music to your ears. This is in the core panel van model but Renault also offers bespoke factory conversions with Tippers, Luton vans, platform cabs and chassis cabs all on the menu in myriad different guises, all covered by the brand’s comprehensive 4-year warranty. 

There’s a Renault Master for every business and it’ll be tough, cost-effective and safe. All models now benefit from the latest ESC stability control technology with associated features including Hill Start Assist, Trailer Swing Assist and Grip Xtend, which improves traction on loose surfaces. Advanced new driver assistance technology is also available from the options list, including automatic dipping headlights and a lane departure warning system. 

Drivers who spend a long time in their vehicles day-in, day-out will appreciate the thought that has gone into making the van’s cabin comfortable and practical for the working day. There’s a huge range of storage options, many spaces specifically designed to accommodate common items, while the optional mobile phone cradles and fold-down desk with laptop holder will help you stay organised and in touch throughout your work day.

The engine line-up is diverse enough to help the Renault Master excel in its countless possible applications. The ENERGY dCi diesel units range in output from 109bhp all the way up to 168bhp where 380Nm of torque delivers muscular pulling power.

The Renault Master’s headline combined cycle economy figure is a remarkable 40.4mpg*on the FWD SL35 ENERGY dCi 145 E6 engine. This impressive efficiency is aided by Stop & Start and regenerative braking on the more powerful twin-turbo models. All Renault Masters are Euro 6 compliant too, with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to clean harmful emissions from the exhaust gases.

Coming soon - Renault Master Z.E.

Renault has also brought its extensive electric vehicle knowhow to the Renault Master with the innovative Renault Master Z.E.. This is a pure-electric panel van with zero exhaust emissions designed for businesses running ‘last-mile’ distribution services in urban areas.

A 124-mile NEDC range*, a charging time of just 6 hours and instant torque from Renault’s advanced 57kW electric motor make the Renault Master Z.E. a fantastic tool for businesses looking to cut costs and project an environmentally friendly image.

Renault vans

As you can see, Renault’s van range covers all the bases for the modern business large or small. These are products tailored around the way you and your employees work with low costs, reliability and practicality at their heart. From the Renault Kangoo, through the Trafic to the Master, Renault vans can give you the edge – just contact your local dealer for more information. 

*MPG figures are obtained for comparative purposes in accordance with EU Legislation and may not reflect real life driving results 

* Homologated range according to NEDC test cycle, for comparison purposes, 124 miles, and may not reflect real life driving results.  

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Renault vans: exploring the benefits to your business


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