Kitting out your caravan: best camping accessories to buy

The right gear will make life a lot easier when you’re living on the road. Here’s our round-up of the best items...


Buying a caravan or motorhome is just the start – next, you need to kit it out appropriately. There’s a dizzying array of caravan accessories out there, some more useful than others. The items we've selected below are ones we’d consider must-haves for most caravan and motorhome holidays – and once you’ve ticked off these items, you can think about using your remaining budget for the luxuries.

Some of these basics will involve the purchase of touring-specific products, but at other times – for instance for certain tools – this isn’t mandatory. The popularity of touring means there’s an abundance of choice out there when it comes to the equipment and where to buy it from. There are many online options, plus numerous bricks-and-mortar retailers, making it easy to shop around to get the most for your money.

Check out our list of the best camping accessories for 2022...

Mirror extensions 

Mirror extensions

It's a legal requirement to see 20 metres behind and four metres on either side of whatever you’re towing, so for caravan users mirror extensions are vital. Mounting options include clamps, suction cups and cords. Numerous shapes and sizes are available to suit different types of vehicles.

Milenco Aero Mirror 4

From: £61.61 Contact:

Electrical hook-up cable

Caravan charge cable

Your caravan or motorhome should have one of these already, but if not – or if the existing unit needs replacing – you’ll require a long cable with the large, blue, three-pin adaptors on either end. At some sites, you may need an extension, best connected via a weatherproof coupler safebox. 

Crusader 25-metre electrical hook-up cable

From: £32.95 Contact:

Tool kit 

Tool kit

Gather all the usual toolbox staples, such as a range of screwdrivers, adjustable spanner, small socket set, hammer and mallet. It’s also handy to have some cable ties and disposable gloves – and a cordless drill for unwinding corner steadies.

Draper Ratcheting Screwdriver, Socket and Bit Set

From: £31.55 Contact:



We're stretching the term ‘essential’ for this one, but since some types of awning can double the living space of your caravan or motorhome, we reckon they’re a no-brainer. Awnings have come a long way over the years, with lightweight fabrics and frames making for easy use and storage. There are even versions with inflatable structures for near-hassle-free assembly.

Outdoor Revolution Eden Air 390

From: £599 Contact:

Safety gear 

First aid kit

It's important to be prepared for the possibility of your camping trip going south. Your campervan or caravan should have a well stocked and in-date first-aid kit featuring essentials such as plasters, bandages and antiseptics. A fire extinguisher, fire blanket, carbon-monoxide and smoke alarms are absolute must-haves as well.

Lifesystems Camping First-Aid Kit

From: £34.99 Contact:

Living equipment

Camping cutlery

When it comes to points such as bedding, regular domestic items may be suitable when you’re on the move – but there are also caravan-specific products that can be handy for more compact sleeping arrangements. You’ll also want to go for plastic cutlery and melamine crockery to avoid the risk of breakages both on the move and after arrival. 

Lakeland Hazy Days melamine dining kit

From: £3.49 Contact:

Other useful accessories...

Ramps, chocks and blocks

Once parked up, your campervan or motorhome must be made secure in its position. This is where wheel chocks come in, since they will prevent any movement. Blocks and ramps, meanwhile, can be used under the corner steadies and wheels respectively, in order to keep your caravan level when the pitch isn’t. 

Thule Levelers

From: £29.98 Contact:

Water supplies

A carrier to collect fresh water is attached to the ’van’s inlet via a hose and pump. To collect ‘grey’ water from the sink drains, you’ll also need a waste-water carrier.

Hitchman Aquaroll and Wastemaster bundle

From: £94.20 Contact:

Toilet chemicals

‘Blue’ toilet chemicals sit in the septic tank and
help break down biological waste while killing germs. ‘Green’ chemicals do the same job, but are kinder to the environment, doing without harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde. ‘Pink’ chemicals include a fragranced additive that lines the bowl during the flush cycle. 

Thetford Aqua Kem Blue concentrated

From: £16.99 Contact:

Gas cylinder

For keeping the heating, oven and so on going, you’ll need some gas – either butane or propane. The appropriate size will depend on your set-up, but 6kg is generally accepted as about right for most tourers. You’ll often pay a refundable cylinder charge and swap the cylinder for a full one when empty. 

Flogas 6kg propane gas cylinder

From: £25.75 (plus £38.50 non-refundable
cylinder charge) Contact:

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