How to choose the best kids’ electric car 2019 - ten options from £75 to £305

Buying a new kids’ electric car? Here are some of the best online examples to help you find the ideal model for your little ones

If you're struggling for ideas for kids Christmas presents, you could do a lot worse than an electric car. They’re a fun gift for car-mad kids and many are based on popular sports and supercar models so the little drivers can set their sights high for their future behind the wheel.

Commonly designed for kids under the age of 10, the main difference between electric cars and ride on cars or pedal go-karts is, of course, the battery. This means that they are propelled by a power supply as opposed to a pair of feet or gravity, meaning they require a little more skill to control and tend to be a little bit pricier too.

How to choose a pedal go-kart

Fortunately manufacturers offer a range of kids’ electric car models with various safety mechanisms to guard against accidents. Some of the tiny EVs even allowing supervising adults to take control remotely to avoid impending accidents.

Kids’ electrics cars - things to look out for

Electric cars for kids can be bought at a range of price points, and while some offer clever features that others do not, there are a few that trade on their looks as well as their functionality.

Understandably, lots of the products in this market are replicas of real cars, and occasionally this can inflate the asking price, so remember to ask yourself if you're paying for style or substance.

There are a number of key things to look out for, starting with the maximum rider weight figure. If you think the recipient child will quickly surpass this number, you may want to look for something more long-lasting. If a seller recommends an age range, you can use this as a guide too.

Another great feature provided by some models is a parental remote control. These allow adults to take control of electric cars remotely, which is ideal for youngsters who aren't yet coordinated enough to operate the typical forward and reverse gears while also thinking about steering. Of course, if the kids are capable of driving all on their own, a remote control may be something you can do without.

Charging and running times for the toy electric cars are also worth looking at. Some models on the market may undercut their rivals on price by fitting smaller batteries, which means they can't be used for as long before they go flat and need topping up. A bigger battery will help avoid interrupted play times, but you should also be aware that most kids electric cars on the market take a good few hours to charge fully. 

Other features to look out for include safety belts, sound effects and MP3 functionality, while some electric cars will also provide a key start function for an authentic driving experience.

Scroll down to see ten examples of kids electric cars across a range of prices and recommended age groups…

Rebo Mini Evoque Style

Price: £74.99Suitable age: 2-4 years
Maximum rider weight: 25kgCharge time: 10 hoursRunning time: 1 hour

Styled to look like a Range Rover Evoque, this electric car is rare due to the fact that it’s supported by two trolley wheels as the front, making it ideal for spin-based frivolities. Using the two joysticks on the steering wheel, you can go forwards, backwards, or turn on the spot by pulling the levers in opposite directions. Kitted with an additional remote for full parental control that works up to 20m away, this electric car is sure to provide hours of safe fun. With all that spinning though, strong stomachs will be required…

Buy it on Epic Stuff here

HOMCOM Kids Electric Ride On Vespa

Price: £81.99Suitable age: 3-6 years
Maximum rider weight: 30kgCharge time: 8-12 hoursRunning time: 45 minutes

This HOMCOM product is fully licensed by Vespa, and it’s difficult to tell it apart from the real thing. It’s made of a combination of plastic and steel, so it should stand up to a brutal life at the hands of your little Hells’ Angel. There’s the customary MP3 player for playing tunes, it has functioning lights and a horn but alas no remote for reining-in kids with a need for speed.

Buy it on Aosom here

MINI-style ride-on electric car

Price: £84.95Suitable age: 3-8 yearsMaximum rider weight: 30kgCharge time: 8-12 hoursRunning time: 45 minutes

Styled to look like a MINI, this kids’ electric car looks the real deal. Two electric motors give it a top speed of 3mph, which is faster than many at this price. It has many of the features your little car lover will want, including an MP3 player, LED lights and a working horn. And some features you’ll appreciate, such as working suspension, a safety belt and a remote for curbing their enthusiasm.

Buy it on Outdoor Toys here

Rebo Kodiak kids electric ride on quad bike

Price: £143.96Suitable age: 3-8 years
Maximum rider weight: 30kgCharge time: N/ARunning time: N/A

At the time of looking, this quad bike had 42% off the list price of £250. It’s available in three colours; black, red and white. It has a key to start, comes with an MP3 player and a USB slot for playing music, as well as working suspension and lights. It has two speeds, 2mph or 4mph but unlike most of the car-based ride-ons, this quad doesn’t come with a parental remote.

Buy it on Outdoor Toys here 

BMW i8-style electric ride-on car

Price: £149.12Suitable age: 3-8 yearsMaximum rider weight: 30kgCharge time: N/ARunning time: N/A

This i8 electric car isn’t licensed by BMW, but the design is a pretty accurate depiction of the real i8. Like others on the market, it comes with a parental remote control, plus headlights, sound effects, suspension and an MP3 input so you can play your own music through the speakers. It has a top speed of 3mph thanks to two electric motors.

Buy it on Amazon here

Rideontoys4u Ride On Jeep

Price: £188.99Suitable age: 2-4 yearsMaximum rider weight: 25kgCharge time: N/ARunning time: 1 hour

At this price point, you’d expect an electric car to be capable of tackling more than just the great indoors, and with this Ride On Jeep that may well be possible. It looks the part too, even though this isn’t a design that’s been sanctioned by Jeep. It has a safety belt and a parental remote for peace of mind, as well as suspension, forward and reverse gears, working lights and horn and music functionality.

Buy it on Rideontoys4u here

Lamborghini Aventador

Price: £209.95Suitable age: 3+ years
Maximum rider weight: 30kgCharge time: 8+ hoursRunning time: N/A

Heading into the top end of the market where you’d expect an electric car to emphatically tick all of the boxes, and this Lamborghini Aventador certainly gets close. Not only is it a looker - it’s based on an Aventador, after all - but it also comes with a parental remote (with a range of 20-30m), a top speed of 2.5mph and a generous rider weight of 40kg. It’s recently been reduced from £349, so it’s a bargain in time for Xmas.

Buy it on Outdoor Toys here

Range Rover Evoque

Price: £249.95Suitable age: 3-8 years
Maximum rider weight: 28kgCharge time: N/ARunning time: N/A

Whereas the ‘Evoque style’ electric car above isn’t licensed by Land Rover, this Range Rover Evoque has been sanctioned by the carmaker. It shows in the price, a not insignificant £249.95, although for that you get a parental remote, authentic sounds, MP3 functionality, and a key to start it up with as well.

Buy it on Amazon here 

Pagani Zonda F Roadster

Price: £274.99Suitable age: 2-5 yearsMaximum rider weight: 30kgCharge time: N/ARunning time: N/A

This fully licensed replica will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Mini speed-freaks will enjoy its many standout features including noise-reducing tyres, electric steering, leather-look seats and four-wheel suspension. There’s also a parental remote, working lights and MP3 functionality.

Buy it on Amazon here

Mercedes AMG GT R

Price: £305.96Suitable age: 3+ years
Maximum rider weight: 30kgCharge time: N/ARunning time: N/A

Knocked down in price from £500, this AMG GT R is licensed by Mercedes and is sure to get young pulses racing with its 24v electric motor and four-wheel drive. Its top speed is 3mph and it comes with suspension at all four corners for a smooth ride, as well as music functionality and a parental remote. There’s no information about charging or running time, but expect the former to be lengthy and the latter to be not.

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