How to choose the best pedal go-kart 2018: 10 options from £50 to £610

Buying a new pedal go-kart? We look at some of the best examples on the market to help you find the right one

If you’re a child with a passion for cars and racing, there can be no more exciting present to receive on your birthday or at Christmas than a brand new pedal go-kart. They can provide hours of entertainment both indoors and outdoors, and they’re also a great form of exercise for especially energetic youngsters!

Pedal go-karts have other advantages too: unlike a conventional go-kart - which may have a rechargeable battery or petrol engine to propel it along - pedal go-karts are cheaper and rather more sedate. They're unlikely to go faster than the average bicycle. This creates an ideal environment for kids to learn the dos and don’ts of driving at an early age, and limits the risk of accidents and injuries.

Aston Martin go-kart takes on Red Bull Soapbox race

The other thing falling in pedal go-karts’ favour is that there are no fuel bills to worry about or expensive components to repair, so trips to the park won’t suddenly become an expensive endeavour!

Pedal go-karts - things to look out for

With so many options on the market, there are a number of things to keep an eye out for when hunting for the perfect pedal go-kart. While the cheapest models may appear just as accomplished as the priciest variants, there is usually a reason that they cost less, and it’s worth investigating each kart’s characteristics instead of simply opting for the biggest bargain.

Naturally, safety is the primary concern, so you’ll want to ensure that the pedal go-kart is designed to keep its occupant in one piece. Some karts will come with a simple handbrake to ensure that coming to a complete stop is as uncomplicated as possible, while other karts may have mechanisms built into the drivetrain so that slowing down can be achieved by backpedalling.

Thicker tyres will provide increased grip and a greater level of comfort, and you may also want to check how easy it is to order spare parts from the manufacturer in the event of certain components wearing out or breaking.

Construction quality is another a factor. A pedal go-kart’s frame is more likely to be sturdy if it’s built with chunky, well-made parts, and particular attention should be paid to the quality of the joins. These will determine how well a kart holds up in the unfortunate event of an accident, and the stronger they are, the safer a kart will be.

These things are best assessed in person, and if you can examine a pedal go-kart in the flesh before buying, it’s recommended that you do so.

You’ll also need to consider the child (or adult!) who’ll be using the pedal go-kart. Most manufacturers specify a maximum weight which should always be adhered to, and others will provide a recommended age range to guide customers. Straying beyond the maximum load capacity could cause the pedal go-kart to lose performance, or worse, malfunction.

You should also make sure you’re buying a kart that’s appropriate for the environment it will be used in. Some pedal go-karts are designed to roll around the living room floor and not much else, while others will be built for thrill-seekers covering tricky terrain on fast, downhill trails. So give some thought as to where it will be ridden, and on what sort of surface.

Finally, be sure to look out for adjustability. Pedal go-karts are infinitely safer and more fun when they fit the person riding them, and most designs incorporate adjustable seats that can be adapted to suit all shapes and sizes. An adjustable pedal go-kart will also insure you against sudden growth spurts, extending the product’s lifespan before you’re forced to upgrade to a larger model.

Scroll down to see ten examples of pedal go-karts across a range of prices and age categories…

RIP-X Childrens 'My First' Pedal Go Kart

Price: Around £49.95Suitable age: 3-5 years

Maximum rider weight: 30kgAdjustable: NoAssembly required: Yes

Designed for youngsters getting behind the wheel for the very first time, this pedal go-kart is a steal at just under £50. Common safety features such as an enclosed chain and hand-operated brake are present, although a lack of adjustability and maximum rider weight of 30kg means the kart will eventually be outgrown. Still worth considering if it can be passed down between siblings…

Buy it from Amazon here

Kettler Melbourne Kart

Price: Around £149Suitable age: 3-5 years

Maximum rider weight: 50kgAdjustable: YesAssembly required: Yes

This pedal go kart is twice the price of the one above, however it is possible to adjust the seat to fit the rider. The manufacturer says it is suitable for children aged 3 to 5 years, also some reviewers report that it can be used by older kids as well. The maximum rider weight of 50kg certainly reflects this.

Buy it from Argos here

Berg Toys Buzzy Fiat Go-Kart

Price: Around £119.00Suitable age: 2-5 years

Maximum rider weight: Not specifiedAdjustable: YesAssembly required: No

Fiat 500s are cool, so there surely aren’t many cooler pedal go-karts than this city car inspired model from Berg. At £119, you’re not paying much of a premium for style, and the low gear ratio will ensure that high speeds are out of reach for tots. The only slight drawback is the lack of a handbrake, with braking achieved by backpedalling instead.

Buy it from Amazon here

Thunder - Eva Rubber Wheel Tyres Go Kart

Price: Around £122.99Suitable age: 4-10 years

Maximum rider weight: 50kgAdjustable: YesAssembly required: No

Any child riding this pedal go-kart will be the talk of the playground thanks to its aggressive design and large tyres. The manufacturer boasts of air chamber wheels that are resistant to punctures, and adjustability allows for a relatively wide range of use between the ages of 4 and 10. Good value at £122.99.

Buy it from Fun Stuff here

Hauck T-90230 Gokart Batmobile

Price: Around £173.93Suitable age: 4 years and up

Maximum rider weight: 50kgAdjustable: YesAssembly required: Yes

The iconic Batmobile is one of the most famous vehicles in the history of cinema, and this pedal go-kart from Hauck will allow your son or daughter to recreate Bruce Wayne’s high-octane adventures at much safer speeds in the local park. It has the same features and basic spec as the ‘Thunder’ kart above, but buyers may want to consider the premium paid for looks.

Buy it from Amazon here

Berg Toys Ride On Kids Buddy Pedal Powered Go Kart

Price: Around £199.00Suitable age: 3-8 years

Maximum rider weight: Not specifiedAdjustable: YesAssembly required: Yes

Built by Berg, the ‘Buddy’ pedal go-kart is one of the most popular on sale today. Sold at just under £200, it sits in the middle of the pedal go-kart range and offers a high-quality design with a stylish appearance to match. The manufacturer is so confident regarding the construction of the kart, it offers a 2-year warranty on the frame. At this price point, it’s one of the main contenders on the market.

Buy it from Amazon here

Hauck T-91869 Nerf - Battle Racer

Price: Around £209.74Suitable age: 3 years and up

Maximum rider weight: 50kgAdjustable: YesAssembly required: Yes

With the vivid imagination children often have in abundance, it’ll be possible to re-enact all manner of car chases with a couple of pedal go-karts, but especially so in this weaponised T-91869 Nerf - Battle Racer. While the Nerf guns and foam ‘ammunition’ are sold separately, this kart is built to hold both for epic play fights worth of the latest Bond film. 007 would be jealous.

Buy it from Very here

Duplay Velocity Racer Large Pedal Go Kart

Price: Around £249.00Suitable age: 5 years and up

Maximum rider weight: 100kgAdjustable: YesAssembly required: Yes

Described as a ‘large’ pedal go-kart, the Duplay Velocity Racer may look a bit steeply priced at £249, although the manufacturer insists that anyone over the age of five can ride it… including adults. While the features and design don’t exceed anything provided by rivals, the longevity provided by this kart could make it better value for money in the long run.

But it from Amazon here

Berg Toys Ford Mustang GT Pedal Go-Kart

Price: £309.00Suitable age: 4-12 years

Maximum rider weight: Not specifiedAdjustable: YesAssembly required: No

Surely the muscle car of the pedal go-kart world. Designed to look like a Ford Mustang, this kart oozes style with its production car inspired looks and large wheels. Berg promises a fast ride with broad rim tyres offering plenty of grip, while smooth ball bearings help retain momentum. Luckily there’s a handbrake to keep speed under control, and reversing is possible by backpedalling.

Buy it from Amazon here


Price: Around £609.99Suitable age: 5 years and up

Maximum rider weight: Not specifiedAdjustable: YesAssembly required: Yes

This price point is unsurprisingly at the premium end of the scale, and is built for heavy duty outdoor use. The frame is tough so it can withstand the forces of the great outdoors - the manufacturer’s product imagery shows the kart being towed through shallow waters on a beach. At 130cm x 80cm x 95cm, size could make transportation an issue, although there’s a certain peace of mind to be found in a 2-year warranty for faulty workmanship, and a 5-year guarantee on the frame. For some, that might justify the extra cost…

But it from Amazon here

Which pedal go-karts would you recommend and are there any you wouldn't? Let us know in the comments...

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