Garmin nuvi 58LM

The nuvi 58LM’s five-inch screen is responsive, and typing addresses is easy.

Garmin nuvi 58LM
Overall Auto Express Rating

5.0 out of 5

Price: £129.99Coverage/updates: EU/freeContact:

The nuvi 58LM’s five-inch screen is responsive, and typing addresses is easy. It displays directions and alerts accurately, and Garmin’s Real Directions – instructions based on landmarks and visual cues, which make navigating easier – scored extra points, as it allowed us to keep our eyes on the road more.

Garmin’s lane and junction assist excels as well. Equally impressive are the lifetime European maps, and the well timed speed camera warnings. Unfortunately, Garmin will require you to pay for the latest speed camera updates after a year. TomTom’s Start 50 looks and feels nicer to use, but the nüvi 58LM is a better navigation companion. 

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