Continental WinterContact TS 860 review

The WinterContact TS 860 has been something of a phenomenon in our winter tests, having won the last two.

The WinterContact TS 860 has been something of a phenomenon in our winter tests, having won the last two. It just fails to make a hat-trick but it comes mighty close, and remains a great tyre. There is very little between our winner and the WinterContact in the wet, where both are the best in the field.

They share the wet braking test win, while the TS 860 is best around the wet circle. It really encouraged us to push on the handling track, allowing much more speed to be carried into turns than rivals. The rear does move off-throttle, but it’s predictable and safe. On snow its deficit to the Goodyear grows, allowing it to be topped by the Dunlop, too. The Continental remains a great tyre to drive on the white stuff, though, with strong balance and pull through turns. A dry handling win ensures it kept the new UltraGrip honest.

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We say: It may have lost its crown, but the WinterContact remains a superb winter tyre

Blackcircles.Com says: A popular winter tyre with customers. Reviews focus on good handling in the wet and dry, but noise levels are highlighted as a downside.

Overall 99.50%
Snow braking98.30%3rd
Snow traction95.90%4th
Snow circle96.10%4th
Snow handling99.30%4th
Straight aquaplaning94.20%2nd
Curved aquaplaning95%5th
Wet braking100%1st
Wet handling99.70%2nd
Wet circle100%1st
Dry braking95%8th
Dry handling100%1st
Rolling resistance91%3rd
Cabin noise93.30%5th
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