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Big car quiz of the year 2019

Get your brain into gear and test your knowledge of all things motoring with these 100 questions

That was 2019

How well do you remember the year? These will test your memory

1. Which brand launched a camper van called the Custom Nugget?

a) Fordb) Volkswagenc) Mitsubishi

2. When BMW announced the arrival of an M850i xDrive Coupé First Edition, how many did it say will be built?

a) 8b) 400c) 850 

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3. Audi announced the arrival of a Decennium edition this year to celebrate what?

a) 100 years of Audi carsb) 10 years of the R8c) 1,000 years since Germany founded 

4. Fiat Chrysler announced that it was chopping which model from its UK line-up?

a) Abarth 500Cb) Stiloc) Fullback 

5. Porsche revealed the price of its new 911 Speedster. How much was it?

a) £1.3millionb) £822,000c) £211,599

6. Nissan unveiled an electric concept car designed to fulfil what purpose?

a) Ice cream vanb) Uber Eats delivery vanc) Golf buggy

7. It was confirmed that Toyota and JAXA would work together on the development of what kind of vehicle?

a) Flying carb) Moon buggyc) Electric hoverboard

8. David Brown Automotive launched a limited edition version of the original Mini. How much did it cost?

a) £33,000b) £54,700c) £98,000

9. Ferrari pulled the wraps off a convertible version of which model?

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a) 812 Superfastb) 458 Italiac) Portofino 

10. Volkswagen revealed the look of its next Golf. What generation will the new model be when it lands next year?

a) 7th generationb) 8th generationc) 9th generation

Sporting chance

Did you keep up with all things motorsport in 2019?

11. Which former world champion announced his retirement from the MotoGP motorcycling world championship in November?

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a) Jorge Lorenzob) Valentino Rossic) Marc Marquez 

12. Lewis Hamilton was Formula One champion again in 2019. How many F1 World Drivers’ Championships has he now won?

a) Fiveb) Sixc) Four

13. Ott Tänak was crowned World Rally Champion in November. What nationality is he?

a) Estonianb) Russianc) Finnish

14. Who won the Indianapolis 500 in 2019?

a) Rusty Handlemeirb) Marco Andrettic) Simon Pagenaud 

15. Who replaced Pierre Gasly in the Red Bull F1 team after the 2019 Hungarian Grand Prix?

a) Alexander Albonb) Daniil Kyvatc) Antonio Giovinazzi

16. Which manufacturer won the 2019 Le Mans 24 Hours?

a) Toyotab) Audic) Porsche

17. And how many laps did the winning car complete?

a) 1,025b) 385c) 773

18. By what margin did BMW’s Colin Turkington win the 2019 British Touring Car Championship title?

a) 121 pointsb) 21 pointsc) 2 points

19. Which country will host its first-ever Formula One Grand Prix in 2020, taking the championship to 22 races and making it the longest season in history?

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a) Irelandb) Vietnamc) Switzerland

20. Which make of car won the 2019 Monte Carlo rally?

a) Citroenb) Fordc) Hyundai


The cars, the people and the roads of the car-loving United States

21. According to calculations from the Federal Highway Administration, how many miles of road are there in the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii?

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a) 4,180,000b) 922,000c) 1,350,000

22. Interstate highways use road signs made up of which colours?

a) Green and blackb) Red and bluec) Grey and yellow 

23. In what year was the Ford Mustang officially launched?

a) 1955b) 1965c) 1971

24. What do Americans call the central reservation?

a) Bumper zoneb) Hooky lanec) Median strip

25. In what year was Route 66 officially removed from the United States Highway System?

a) 1966b) 1985c) 2013

26. What is the youngest age that someone can legally drive a car in the USA?

a) 14b) 17c) 21

27. Where does the highway US Route 1 run to and from?

1) San Diego, California, to San Francisco, California2) Key West, Florida, to Fort Kent, Maine3) Sarasota, Florida, to Wilmington, Delaware

28. Which European car maker has had a factory in Greer, South Carolina, since 1994?

1) Mercedes2) Audi3) BMW

29. A national speed limit of 55mph was implemented by President Richard Nixon in what year?

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1) 19682) 19743) 1979

30. In the eighties TV series The Dukes Of Hazzard, what car was driven by the Duke boys?

a) 1969 Dodge Chargerb) 1972 Plymouth Furyc) 1970 Corvette C3


How well do you know your motors in music? 

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31. Autobahn was originally a hit for which German group?

a) Tangerine Dreamb) Neu!c) Kraftwerk

32. In Sheryl Crow’s 1993 hit All I Wanna Do, which two car brands are referenced?

a) Datsun and Buickb) Mercury and Subaruc) Ford and Mercedes

33. Why did Marc Bolan drive a Rolls-Royce in the 1972 T-Rex song Children of the Revolution?

a) It was good for his backb) It was good for his voicec) It was good for curing hangovers 

34. What did Elvis Presley do when his 1969 Cadillac didn’t start?

a) He shot itb) He gave it to a fanc) He had it sent to the home of GM CEO James Roche 

35. Berlin’s 1986 hit Take My Breath Away featured in which car ad?

a) Ford Sierra Cosworthb) Peugeot 405c) Skoda Rapid 

36. “Told my girl I’ll have to forget her, rather buy me a new carburettor” is a lyric from which song?

a) I’m in Love With My Car – Queenb) ’Ello John, Got A New Motor? – Alexei Saylec) Maybelline – Chuck Berry 

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37. Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason bought which car with royalties from the 1973 album Dark Side of the Moon?

a) Ferrari 250 GTOb) Rolls-Royce Phantom IIc) Porsche 356 

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38. Which car appears in the video for Kylie Minogue’s 2001 hit Can’t Get You Out Of My Head?

a) Hummer H2b) Ford StreetKac) DeTomaso Mangusta 

39. In Madness’s 1982 hit Driving In My Car, what speed did singer Suggs say he had achieved?

a) 33mphb) 58mphc) 102mph

40. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo released the 2013 album Monaco Grand Prix as…?

a) Eminem and Jay-Zb) Deadmau5c) Daft Punk

Our friends electric

Are you switched on to EVs? 

41. Ferrari announced that it would produce its first electrified car in 2019. Can you name it?

a) SF90 Stradaleb) 488 GTBec) LaFerrari Elettricca

42. The 2006 documentary film Who Killed the Electric Car? examined the controversial cancellation and destruction of which car?

a) GM EV1b) Toyota ePrius c) BMW i1 

43. Tesla boss Elon Musk founded which new company in 2016?

a) ProjectMars Inc.b) The Boring Companyc) HoverCity

44. In July 2019, a new EU law was introduced that requires all new electric cars to do what?

a) Emit an artificial sound at speeds below 12mphb) Drive with headlights onc) Have green number plates 

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45. Where will Fiat build its forthcoming all-electric 500 model?

a) Fremont, USAb) Bratislava, Slovakiac) Mirafiori, Italy 

46. What does the acronym CCS stand for in relation to electric car-charging technology?

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a) Charge Car Simpleb) Combined Charging Systemc) Compliant Cabling System

47. Which car was awarded Car of the Year 2019 in the Auto Express New Car Awards?

a) Renault Zoeb) Jaguar I-Pacec) Tesla Model 3 

48. What is the name of Honda’s all-electric model that will go on sale in 2020?

a) Honda eb) Honda Jazzc) Honda CitE

49. The central tub of a BMW i3 is made from which material?

a) Recycled aluminiumb) Pure Unobtainiumc) Carbon fibre

50. Zwickau will be the production centre for which 2020 all-electric car?

a) Volkswagen ID.3b) Hyundai Kona Electricc) Mini Electric


Can you complete the following sequences?

51. Sebastien 16, Sebastien 17, Sebastien 18, ...

a) Ott 19b) Sebastien 19c) Thierry 19

52. Mondeo, Sierra, Cortina, ...

a) Corvairb) Consul Classicc) Telstar

53. E21, E30, E36, ...

a) E38b) E50c) E46 

54. Vauxhall Astra (16), Peugeot 3008 (17), Volvo XC40 (18), ...

a) Jaguar I-Pace (19)b) Peugeot 508 (19)c) Mercedes A-Class (19) 

55. Shapps, Grayling, McLoughlin, ...

a) Hammondb) Clarkec) Greening 

56. Grey, Black, White, ...

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a) Blueb) Redc) Green 

57. A1, A38, A30, ...

a) A31b) A4c) A6 

58. Ford Mustang 71, AMC Hornet 74, Lotus Esprit 77, ...

a) Lotus Esprit Turbo 81b) Aston Martin DB5 77c) Citroen 2CV 79

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59. M27 J3, M27 J4, M27 J5, ...

a) M27 J6b) M27 J7c) M27 J5a

60. Corley, Hilton Park, Stafford, ...

a) Keeleb) Tebayc) Fleet

Say what?

Famous motoring quotes 

61. Which rally legend said: “A car is fast enough when you’re afraid to unlock it in the morning.”

a) Tony Pondb) Walter Röhrlc) Paddy Hopkirk

62. Who said: “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it”?

a) Henry Fordb) Karl Benzc) Ferdinand Porsche

63. Who said: “A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments”?

a) Emerson Fittipaldib) Al Unserc) Mario Andretti

64. Which industry boss said: “If you think good design is expensive, look at the cost of bad design.”

a) Ralf Speth, CEO of JLRb) Herbert Diess, CEO of VWc) Linda Jackson, CEO of PSA

65. Football legend George Best once said what about his love of cars?

a) “Jags are my weakness – I bought three in one weekend last year.”b) “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”c) “Get a Roller to really impress the lads.”

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66. NASCAR legend Richard Petty said what about breaking the rules?

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a) “Cheats are the lowest kind of humans.”b) “If you ain’t trying to cheat a little, you ain’t likely to win much.”c) “It’s not a case of don’t cheat, more a case of don’t get caught cheating.”

67. Controversial car designer Chris Bangle once said what?

a) “Cars are more important than buildings.”b) “I don’t care what people think of my work.”c) “Cars are the sculptures of our daily lives.”

68. Which US engineer once said: “There’s never enough power, just not enough traction.”

a) John DeLoreanb) Earl S MacPhersonc) Carroll Shelby

69. What did Mini designer Sir Alec Issigonis say about marketing?

a) “An expert is someone who tells you why you can’t do something.”b) “I have no time for customer opinions.”c) “Marketing is a waste of tea and biscuits.”

70. Racing ace Stirling Moss said what about human evolution?

a) “If God had meant for us to walk, why did he give us feet that fit car pedals?”b) “I’m proof that we’re evolving to be faster.”c) “I was too busy racing to go to church.”

What’s in a name?

Brush up on your car badges

71. Until 1979, why didn’t Ford use the Mustang badge in Germany?

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a) The word Mustang translates as horse flatulence in Germanb) It was trademarked by German company Kruppsc) Germans consider Mustangs to be bad omens

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72. In 1951, Rover planned a larger model to join the Land Rover. What was it set to be called?

a) Road Roverb) Land Rover Luxc) Royal Rover 

73. The WiLL, Allion, Noah and Esquire are built by who?

a) Fordb) Hondac) Toyota

74. Due to an unfortunate translation, the Hyundai Kona is badged as what in Portugal?

a) Kronab) Onakc) Kauai

75. What is the origin of Alfa in the name Alfa Romeo?

a) It’s an acronym of Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobilib) It’s named after the Italian patron saint of travelc) It was founded in the village of Alfazione, just south of Turin 

76. New companies Byton and Rivian are offering what kind of car?

a) Electricb) Hydrogen Fuel-Cellc) Flying 

77. The Phaeton, Chronos, and ME Four-Twelve were concept cars created by which marque?

a) Volkswagenb) Chryslerc) Skoda

78. What two names did the Mini use when first launched in 1959?

a) BMC Mini and Austin Mini DeLuxeb) Morris Newmarket and Austin Cambridgec) Morris Mini Minor and Austin Seven 

79. Where does the name of the company Subaru come from?

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a) It’s the Japanese name for the star constellation Pleiadesb) After founder Fujio Subaruc) Translated to Japanese it means indestructible

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80. The VW Bora, Vento and Scirocco are all named after what?

a) Windsb) German riversc) Teutonic gods

Nuts and bolts

Test your engineering know-how

81. In what part of a car would you usually find a pressure plate?

a) Clutchb) Seatbeltc) Brakes

82. Multi-link, twist beam and leaf are all kinds of what?

a) Braking systemsb) Suspension systemsc) Door handles 

83. What does the acronym MAP refer to in a car’s MAP sensor?

a) Manifold Absolute Pressureb) Multi Air Platec) Motor Automated Procedure 

84. An anti-roll bar fulfils what function on a car?

a) Protects the passenger cell in the event of a car rolling overb) Prevents the car rolling away when parkedc) Reduces body roll through fast corners 

85. What distinguishing feature does a DSG gearbox possess?

a) It has no clutchb) It has two clutchesc) Each gear has a clutch

86. Scuttle shake is a problem that can affect what kind of car?

a) 4x4sb) Convertiblesc) Limousines 

87. What does the acronym WLTP stand for?

a) World Low Transit Protocolb) Worldwide Harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedurec) Working Litigation Transportation Process

88. Where would you find a gudgeon pin in a car?

a) In a door, allowing for extra opening angleb) In a seat belt assembly – locking when requiredc) In the engine, joining the piston to the con rod

89. What does the acronym PS mean in reference to power output?

a) Pferdestärkeb) Power Systemc) PümpenStroke

90. What do the terms CHAdeMO and Type 2 refer to?

a) Charging systems for electric carsb) Exhaust standards for light commercial vehiclesc) Types of towing electrics

Spot the detail

Can you identify all these new cars from their photos?











Click here for the answers...

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