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The top 10 cars most likely to speed

New study reveals the UK cars most likely to exceed the speed limit and the ones that wouldn't dare

Speeding is dangerous and anti-social, while getting caught is an expensive business - both in terms of the inevitable fine and the resulting increase the cost of your car insurance premiums. But that doesn’t stop some people taking the risk.

To find out which makes and models of car are most likely to be driven too fast buy their owners, insurance company Admiral has been monitoring the data from 300,000 of its 'black box' car insurance policies and has come up with the 10 most likely and 10 least likely cars to break the speed limit.

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World's fastest road cars

The list does contain some surprises. While nobody will wonder why powerful beasts like the BMW M135i or the footballers' favourite Bentley Continental hit the top 10, it’s somewhat interesting to see sensible fare like the Volvo V50 in there.

On the other end of the scale, though, the list of cars least likely to speed holds very few surprises – sensible shopping trolleys, in the main.

Scroll down to see the full lists and let us know if you think they're accurate in the comments section below…

Top 10 cars most likely to speed

10. Mercedes C-Class C250

Mercedes’ compact executive kicks off the list. It’s not exactly a pocket rocket, but the 201bhp 2.1-litre diesel engine is more than capable of seeing the C250 past the legal limit. It’s not the last German car you’ll see on this list, either…

9. Mitsubishi L200

This one came as a surprise to us. The Mitsubishi L200 is one of the most car-like pickups you can buy, but it’s still burdened with a grumbly engine and a 0-62mph time of 10.4 seconds. That hasn’t stopped it taking 9th place on this list, though.

8. Mercedes C-Class C220

Interestingly, the lower-powered Mercedes C-Class is more likely to be caught speeding than its bigger brother. Despite using the same 2.1-litre diesel engine, it only produces 168bhp compared to the 201bhp of the C250. Driver compensating for the power difference, perhaps…?

7. BMW 5 Series 535i

It’s perhaps no surprise that the 5 Series makes it onto this list, especially the powerful petrol 535i. At 7th place on this list, owners might be hankering for the Autobahn where they could unleash the 155mph top speed.

6. Volvo V50

Another surprise entrant, the V50 is more associated with calm, mature drivers – helped by its calm, mature Swedish styling. But it seems drivers of Volvo’s compact estate aren’t afraid to put their foot down a little, and so it makes 6th place on this list.

5. Audi A5

The sight of four rings in your rear-view mirror on the motorway is a common sight in the UK, so maybe it’s a bit of poetic justice that the Audi A5 takes 5th place for cars caught speeding.

4. BMW M135i

The combination of a tiny hatchback and a sonorous 322bhp straight-six engine makes for a brilliant driving experience, so perhaps owners of the BMW M135i can’t be blamed for liking a bit of speed. It will sprint past the 60mph limit on an A road in under five seconds from rest.

3. BMW 4 Series 420d

The sensible point of the BMW 4 Series range, the 420d is by no means a supercar – but that doesn’t stop owners breaking the speed limit, and it comes in at third on this list.

2. Audi Q5

The Q5 has performance models in the form of the SQ5, but it’s the standard model that racks up more speeding offences than almost any other car in the country.  Except for one…

1. Bentley Continental

First place on this list goes to a big, British bruiser – though Bentley’s ties with Volkswagen means this is as much the responsibility of the German manufacturer as it is the UK. A favourite among footballers and celebs, the Bentley will go from 0-62mph in under 5 seconds – and be utterly composed while doing so. We suspect, though, that if you can afford one of these cars, the odd speeding ticket is not going to trouble your wallet.

Top 10 cars least likely to speed

10. Fiat Stilo

Fiat’s staid and sensible Stilo comes in at number 10 on this list. None of the engines on offer are particularly fast – especially the 1.2-litre petrol, which takes nearly 14 seconds to reach 62mph.

9. Ford StreetKa

This one might be a surprise, as despite the old-fashioned eight-valve 1.3-litre engine the StreetKa is a lively performer. But owners seem to be law-abiding, as it’s the 9th place car on this list.

8. Volkswagen Lupo

The Lupo hit headlines a while ago thanks to its special ‘3L’ edition – capable of 94mpg. It never was a sparkling performer, though, and its place on this list is warranted.

7. Nissan Pixo

Built as a twin to the Suzuki Alto, the two cars were sensible, cheap to run – and pretty slow. It’s perhaps not a surprise that the Pixo rarely gets caught speeding.

6. Chevrolet Matiz

Chevrolet produces the Camaro and the Corvette to satisfy those of us with a speed craving – and for a while, it also lent its name to the Matiz, a tiny city car with either an 800cc or a 1.0-litre engine. It would be surprising if the Matiz was even capable of speeding.

5. Honda HR-V

Honda has a reputation for appealing to the elderly motorist – and it seems like a great deal of them may have bought the HR-V. It’s the 5th least likely car to be caught speeding.

4. Daewoo Kalos

Available later in its life as a Chevrolet, this car was another one that appealed to the more mature driver out there. Outstandingly average in every way, but driving one was sure to keep you under the limit.

3. Hyundai Amica

We’re sensing a trend on this list – low-powered, sensible cars, driven by sensible kinds of people. The Hyundai Amica is one such car!

2. Fiat Seicento

With an absolute minimum of safety equipment and questionable build quality, it’s understandable that Fiat Seicento owners might not have wanted to exceed the speed limit.

1. SEAT Mii

In first place, then, it’s the SEAT Mii! It’s an excellent car, and targeted at younger buyers – but by the looks of it, sensible ones! Equipped with the entry level 59bhp engine, the Mii takes 14.4 seconds to reach 62mph from rest – but the engine is eager and willing, so it’s a surprise to see that it’s the car least likely to speed in the UK.

Do you own any of these cars? Been caught speeding? Let us know in the comments below...

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