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Category winners

We reveal the best and worst cars in 10 categories - from reliability to running costs - as voted for by you

Is your car reliable? How does it fare when it comes to running costs? Or is your car's performance a bigger priority for you? We've crunched the numbers to name the best and worst cars across a total of 10 categories.

This year for the first time we've split build quality and reliability into separate categories to give an even better picture of the cars you can trust. And following the success of the new technology category last year, we've also asked owners to rate the usefulness, ease of use, reliability, innovation and value for money of their car's gadgets.

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Scroll down to see the winners and losers in each category.

Best for reliability

Kicking off our category countdown is the reliability results. So which car can you depend on?

1ToyotaYaris MkIII98.40%
2SubaruForester MkIII97.96%
3HondaJazz MkII97.87%
Last placeLand RoverRange Rover MkIII83.31%

Best for in-car tech

You tell us just how well all the bells and whistles work in your car, and whether they're good value.

2LexusIS MkII88.87%
3RenaultScenic/G Scenic MkII88.23%
Last placePorscheBoxster MkII75.66%

Best for running costs

How hard are you hit in the pocket by your car? These results reveal all on mpg and other costs.

1VauxhallAgila MkII90.34%
3ToyotaYaris MkIII89.60%
Last placeLand RoverRange Rover MkIII59.34%

Best for performance

It's no surprise that sports cars dominate this part of our results, but there are some shocks mixed in.

1JaguarXK/R MkII99.60%
2Porsche911 99798.45%
3PorscheBoxster MkII96.19%
Last placeHondaJazz MkI75.97%

Best for braking

A car needs to stop as well as it goes, and here you tell us which model is a hit coming to a halt.

1Porsche911 99796.83%
2JaguarXK/R MkII96.33%
3PorscheCayman MkI95.20%
Last placeHondaAccord MkVII80.20%

Best for ride quality

The UK's smoothest operator has a comfortable lead in an area where homegrown cars lead the way.

1Land RoverDiscovery 496.09%
2JaguarXJ MkV93.33%
3Land RoverRange Rover Evoque91.61%
Last placeHondaCivic MkVIII68.40%

Best for build quality

Solid construction inside and out is vital to ensure a car can withstand the rigours of everyday use.

2LexusIS MkII95.45%
3BMW5 Series MkVI94.48%
Last placeFordGalaxy MkIII80.29%

Best for ease of driving

Which cars are a joy to drive? And which are a chore? Your rankings tell us all we need to know.

1Land RoverDiscovery 498.16%
3JaguarXK/R MkII96.80%
Last placeVauxhallInsignia87.16%

Best for handling

Porsche takes the top three spots in this thrilling category, but there are a few surprises.

1PorscheCayman MkI99.60%
2Porsche911 99798.83%
3PorscheBoxster MkII98.41%
Last placeVolvoV70 MkII77.78%

Best for practicality

You name the cars that make the best use of space, whether you're carrying people, luggage or both.

1SkodaSuperb MkII98.75%
2Land RoverDiscovery 498.16%
Last placeJaguarXK/R MkII65.60%

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