Used buyer's guide: Chrysler Voyager

The Chrysler Voyager is an MPV pioneer, and the latest car is good value

How much?

Petrol Grand Voyagers came as top-spec Limiteds only; you’ll pay £14,000-£22,000 – if you can find one. The latter figure will buy you a late, low-mileage example. We wouldn’t recommend a petrol Grand Voyager, though, because of the high running costs and the difficulty in selling it on. Go instead for a diesel; these start at around £10,000 in LX or Touring trim, while you can buy a Limited version from £12,500. Two-year-old cars (on an 11-plate) start at £20,000, while the most recent pre-registered models (invariably Limiteds) are up to £35,000. This Grand Voyager had no manual option, so there’s no premium for an auto box.

Running costs

ModelInsurance groupFuel economyCO2 emissionsAnnual road tax
3.8 V6 Limited3022mpg302g/km£460
2.8 CRD LX2930mpg247g/km£445
2.8 CRD Touring2930mpg247g/km£445
2.8 CRD Limited3030mpg247g/km£445

Whether it’s petrol or diesel-powered, the Grand Voyager needs to be serviced every 12,500 miles or 12 months, with costs alternating between £330 and £450; the latter includes fresh brake fluid biennially. The 84,000-mile service costs £515, while every 10 years or 125,000 miles the cambelt needs to be replaced; with a service this comes in at £1,100, or on its own expect to pay £650. The coolant should be refreshed every five years, at a cost of £120. Service plans are also available at £27.50 per month, to help spread the maintenance cost. Low-mileage cars can be put through a £99 service at some showrooms, although this is really just an oil and filter change.

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