Hyundai announces autonomous Ioniq concept

Hyundai has revealed an autonomous Ioniq concept car at the LA Motor Show 2016

The Hyundai Ioniq is already three cars in one: it's available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric car. Now, Hyundai has revealed another version, which features the brand's latest autonomous driving technology.

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It's fitted with a hidden LiDAR system in the front bumper, and Hyundai says since it's not fitted to the roof the car doesn't look like a "high school science project." It also features a smart cruise control radar, a lane-keep assist camera, blind spot sensors and a GPS antenna, all of which work to help the car drive itself.

It's a low-cost platform, Hyundai says, which means it can be installed in future models at a reasonable price. A forward-facing radar detects objects ahead of the car, while a three-camera array senses other dangers in front of the vehicle including lane markings and signs.

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Mapping data and the GPS unit give the computer a real-time look at exactly where the car is, and safety features that are already on the car, like autonomous emergency braking, smart cruise control and pedestrian detection, help keep the car driving safely.

The car is currently being tested in a group of three on-road models, with two autonomous Tucson Fuel Cell cars also being tested in South Korea. Two will be shown at next year's Consumer electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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