Best wallbox home electric car chargers: Driver Power results 2021

Zappi tops our 2021 Driver Power survey of wallbox home electric car chargers

The first thing many drivers will think about before buying an electric or plug-in hybrid car is how they will charge it.

Although EVs are not a viable option for everyone, those with driveways or garages may well decide to opt for a wallbox that allows them to charge their car at home more quickly and conveniently than they could on a domestic three-pin socket.

The trouble is that with more firms than ever offering this service – very few of which are household names – trying to navigate the market and find the best installer is a tricky task. We’re here to help, however, with our latest Driver Power survey. We quizzed EV and PHEV drivers who had already invested in a wallbox charger about their experiences to find out who got the best deal.

It should be emphasised that this was a particularly close-run contest. Although some firms earned higher overall scores than others, each did reasonably well and, as such, this should be thought of as a list of the best firms, rather than a ranking of winners and losers. But with that in mind, here’s what our respondents had to say.

Best wallbox home electric car chargers 2021

1. Zappi – 86.86%

It’s a first-place ranking for Zappi, the home charger offered by British firm myenergi. This wallbox scores higher than any other for its installation process, charging speed, build quality and reliability. Users also say their Zappi units are stylish and the firm tends to offer good customer service.

Installation process89.49%
Charging speed85.58%
Ease of use88.53%
Well made89.77%
Customer service87.23%
Smartphone app79.26%

2. Ohme – 85.55%

Charging firm Ohme comes a close second in this survey, with no other supplier ranking higher for the customer service it offers and the quality of its smartphone app. Ohme drops points for the stylishness of its wallboxes, so this is an area to improve upon.

Installation process88.27%
Charging speed83.16%
Ease of use88.49%
Well made88.70%
Customer service87.42%
Smartphone app82.09%

3. Pod Point – 83.29%

A firm known for its public chargers, for which it has partnered with big names such as Tesco and Volkswagen, Pod Point is also well rated for its wallboxes. You tell us its home chargers are second to none when it comes to ease of use, but the app could be a little better.

Installation process87.18%
Charging speed80.67%
Ease of use92.17%
Well made86.55%
Customer service78.32%
Smartphone app74.88%

4. EO – 83.27%

Close behind Pod Point, EO also loses some marks for the smartphone app that accompanies its chargers. There are respectable scores across the rest of the board, though, particularly in the crucial category of reliability. EO’s chargers are easy to use, you say, as well as stylish.

Installation process84.74%
Charging speed82.39%
Ease of use87.87%
Well made86.30%
Customer service80.63%
Smartphone app68.88%

5. Wallbox – 82.59%

The highest category score for aptly named firm Wallbox comes in the ease-of-use category, with reliability also notably high up in the charts. As with a number of the runners-up in this competition, the app offered by Wallbox is a slightly weaker area for the brand.

Installation process85.53%
Charging speed78.84%
Ease of use89.69%
Well made86.26%
Customer service79.57%
Smartphone app71.97%

6. Tesla – 81.46%

Tesla has won the Driver Power public chargepoint survey two years on the trot, so sixth place for its wallboxes may be disappointing for the brand. That’s not the case, though, because Tesla doesn’t get a low score in any single category, with consistency across all areas.

Installation process81.22%
Charging speed80.54%
Ease of use83.95%
Well made83.40%
Customer service79.59%
Smartphone app81.36%

7. EV Box – 80.50%

Dutch company EVBox gets a thumbs-up from owners for the reliability of the firm’s chargers, their ease of use and the installation process. EVBox could do with improving its smartphone app and updating the look of its chargers, though.

Installation process84.59%
Charging speed77.82%
Ease of use85.71%
Well made82.33%
Customer service79.70%
Smartphone app73.68%

8. BP Pulse – 77.23%

Interestingly, BP Pulse lands in eighth place in this wallbox survey, just as it did in our public chargepoint survey. The company’s home chargers are easy to use and reliable, you tell us. The app is a low point, though, and the firm could offer better customer service.

Installation process82.21%
Charging speed77.28%
Ease of use88.21%
Well made80.73%
Customer service68.84%
Smartphone app62.38%

9. Rolec – 77.02%

Rolec might be bringing up the rear of this ranking, but customers are still impressed with the ease of use of the firm’s chargers, along with the installation process and reliability. As with many of the firms here, the biggest problem is its smartphone app.

Installation process83.73%
Charging speed78.13%
Ease of use88.07%
Well made78.20%
Customer service70.84%
Smartphone app61.41%

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