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First with all the biggest car news stories, here’s why Auto Express news sets the standard.

Over more than 35 years, Auto Express has built its reputation as the leading source for accurate, up-to-date, authoritative car news coverage in the UK. We’re focused on delivering the big stories that matter to car enthusiasts, car buyers and car owners, first.  

It all comes down to our highly experienced, world-renowned  team of journalists and editors who have the best access to the world’s automotive decision makers. Our team works around the clock sourcing, fact-checking and publishing the news stories you’ll find on our channels. They have the contacts and access that gives Auto Express news coverage the edge in terms of exclusivity, accuracy and depth.

The car industry is a global one and the news that impacts motorists in the UK often happens in the US, Japan, Korea or elsewhere in Europe. But our team put in the hours, and the miles, to make sure that our readers are across events as they happen, wherever they happen. From studying car data sheets in the office and filing Freedom of Information requests for our latest consumer news exclusives, to big interviews with industry CEOs and quick off-the-record chats at automotive events, the Auto Express news gathering operation leaves no stone unturned, and no question unasked.  

Auto Express has sister publications across the world, including Auto Bild in Germany and Auto Plus in France. This unique network helps expand the already-unrivalled net of access and sources we have at our disposal to keep you informed – but sometimes it’s you who keep us informed. Tips from readers regularly put us on the track of a big story and if you have an issue or some inside information that could be of use, please do drop our news desk a line

Auto Express Exclusive Images

Sometimes it’s the picture that tells the story, and Auto Express is famous for our Exclusive Images, created to illustrate some of our major scoops on future new cars. These images are made in consultation with our network of top designers, many of whom have had experience working in car manufacturer design studios.

Using input from our journalists’ conversations with sources inside car brands and information we can glean from firms’ evolving design language, our digital artists are able to produce highly accurate representations of future models before they’ve even been seen in concept-car form, or out on the road as disguised development cars. 

It means that Auto Express readers get a look at how the important new cars on the horizon could look, often years before they hit showrooms and before anyone else does.

Mercedes EQE - rear

Spy shots

There are certain locations around the globe that are favourites of car manufacturers looking to test their new cars. This development work is done to ensure that the finished product arrives in showrooms perfectly attuned to the varying needs of customers and with the in-built durability they expect. Lots of this work is done on public roads and you can bet that when there’s a development car out in public, heavily disguised or otherwise, there’ll be a spy photographer not far away.

Auto Express frequently uses spy photography from the world’s leading spy shot agencies and you’ll see the images in print and on our site. These agencies have snappers lurking in the undergrowth at all the top car development hot spots, from Death Valley in the US to the Nurburgring in Germany and Norway’s Arctic circle. We also regularly have images submitted by members of the public who’ve come across a disguised test car while out on their travels.

The pictures are nothing without the correct interpretation, however, and that’s where our journalists and their ability to see through the camouflage to understand the significance of what lies beneath comes in. 

Two people browsing a car dealership forecourt

Consumer news

New cars are a primary focus of Auto Express news coverage, but we have an entire team dedicated to consumer news. By that, we mean news relating to the big issues that affect motorists in the UK. We’re talking about taxation, fuel prices, insurance, recalls, MoT tests, driving lessons, road policing, potholes – the list goes on. If you own a car, or are thinking of buying one, these stories impact you. 

Our consumer news team are leading experts in these areas, often generating exclusive stories that help shape the national news agenda and shedding light on motoring issues that would otherwise have passed under the radar. As always, if you have a lead on a story our consumer team would love to hear about it. Drop us a line



Our news coverage is always concerned with the facts of the matter, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for expert opinion and insight into the big stories of the day. In our Opinion columns, Auto Express journalists and editors are joined by well-known contributors and leading industry figures in giving their analysis and thoughts on a huge range of subjects.

These popular columns are often only the starting point for lively debates in our comments sections, so if you’re interested in some strong views on subjects ranging from the future of the UK car industry to traffic delays or the headlights on the latest South Korean SUV, you know where to come. 

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