Range Rover Sport video

2 Apr, 2013 6:55pm

The all-new Range Rover Sport has made its world debut at the New York Motor Show

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It is a very desirable SUV but to say it was the undoubted star of the show is a bit much. The American automotive press listed their top picks and surprise, surprise it did not make their list..... and you can't blame it on home front favoritism because vehicles from around the world were mentioned... :)

Looks lovely and better looking than the evoque - but who is buyng these things, especially in the UK.
The RRS still needs lose a lot of weight to lower running costs - but for the majority of buyers who can afford them at vastly inflated prices with no discount won't care one little bit.

Occasional seats in the boot a great idea that increase the flexibility of use of the car - shame this is not an option in such an elegant way with the full size RR. Like the styling although its lower stance won't be quite such a presence on roads as its predecessor. Be interesting to compare like for like 3 litre diesel engine economy now between the Sport and the full size as this version doesn't appear to have shed the weight of it's sibling.