Fastest Range Rover ever teased - again

Range Rover Sport nurburgring
23 Jun, 2014 9:55am Sam Naylor

A third teaser video of a Special Vehicle Operations version of the Range Rover Sport has been released

A new, faster Range Rover Sport from Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division has been teased in two short videos from Land Rover, the third revealed today.

You can find all three videos below. All show the famous Nurburgring, with a voiceover, brief drive-by and engine note hinting that a new model from the brand has been honed and tested at the German racetrack alongside the world's top performance cars.

The videos include a brief clip of the engine noise, likely to be coming from a 542bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8 borrowed from the Jaguar XKR-S and XJR.

With 39bhp and 56Nm of torque more than the current range-topping Sport Supercharged, the hot all-wheel-drive Range Rover Sport should manage 0-62mph in around 4.8 seconds, maxing out at about 165mph.

The car has already been spotted in a light camouflage: a blue-scale wrap printed with images of what appears to be the new performance SUV in action.

The Range Rover Sport SVO appears to feature a restyled front bumper, larger air intakes and exposed quad-exhaust pipes, plus bigger, new-look alloy wheels.

It's rumoured that this new model will appear at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week and cost around £100,000.

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Well that was a waste of time.

There's more coming soon.

its no different than a teaser clip for a TV programme, or any other teaser clip for a car, you might think its a waste of time, others are intrigue, after all that is the whole point of the clip, to get people talking about it, that said, they have achieved what they set out to do.

But it was just film of a road, it could have been a tease for anything. Teaser clips for TV programmes have at least some connection to the product. I agree that was a waste.

All dealers are heading that way, so dont think it is just a LR thing, within the next few years you wont get a brochure anywhere, anyway, whats wrong with it being online, it would be the exact same thing

try looking again, there is clearly a Range Rover in that clip, your clearly not aware of what a teaser is.

case in point, Eastender's had one this week, you never saw it, you heard it, exactly the same as this, the only difference is if you pause the video you will see the car.

I think obsessing about such trivia betrays mental health problems.

Seriously? A blur = "clearly" in your world? ur? I think I do know what a teaser is, it has a very similar definition to "complete waste of time" and if I see the word on an article again I will ignore it.

fine ur loss... i am Sure AE will be devestated....LOL

I'm not saying I don't like Range Rovers - if I was forced to have a 4x4 I would consider it, however, there's no getting away from it - for all intents & purposes, they are small buses (albeit expensive ones) with enough headroom for Superman's dad!!

It is therefore complete nonsense that they're considering a version capable of 165mph. Given their weight, size and handling characteristics, they ought be restricted to 62mph and banned from the fast lane - as per other small buses!!

They are inherently dangerous, not least because they block the vision of the road ahead for any cars following them. I've followed these before at high speeds (speeds far too high for any 4x4), and you have to keep well back, not only because you can't see what's ahead, but also because you never know when one of these "swaying" leviathans will lose control!! (The latter isn't helped by three fingers on the steering wheel and arm glued to the window)