Best car wash wax sprays 2019

Car wash wax sprays are the ultimate time savers, but which work best? We test nine to find out…

Wash waxes are perfect for adding paint protection when time or motivation doesn’t enable conventional sealants to be applied. Essentially they allow you to provide protection as you dry the car after washing.

Using a wash wax spray means you either save time in drying the car or by not having to apply protection once the panels are dry, and the best work as well as many spray or liquid waxes. So, which is the one to make the most of your time this spring? We applied 10 to see which shone through.

The test

Wash waxes may be time savers, but applying them takes more effort than merely drying the car’s bodywork, so you want any protection to last. We applied each to a sectioned-off bonnet and monitored beading over four wet weeks and three dry weeks. We also took into account the manufacturer’s suggested prices and any extras such as cloths that were included, plus we assessed ease of use.


Newcomer Autobrite managed to knock Turtle Wax off the top spot with its impressive formula. Turtle Wax proved great in the dry but suffered slightly in the wet. Dodo Juice’s Future Armour proved to be the best of the rest.

  1. 1. Autobrite Direct Supersonic! Sp-rin-ts
  2. 2. Turtle Wax Wax It Wet
  3. 3. Dodo Juice Future Armour


Autobrite Direct Supersonic! Sp-rin-ts

Price: £18 Size: 1,000ml Rating: 5/5

Autobrite Direct says Supersonic! has an SiO2 (silicon dioxide) formula, which enhances gloss and prolongs durability. We couldn’t see any advantage in gloss, but it worked significantly longer than Wax it Wet, despite the wet weather and hundreds of motorway miles. It still beaded quickly after four weeks and Autobrite Direct’s claims of three months’ durability look achievable.

That performance comes with drawbacks, though. The formula goes onto a wet panel and is smoothed before being dried, but don’t let it sit too long because it may leave marks that can only be corrected by polishing. Then there’s the price: the litre pack is still more costly than all of its rival. But it works brilliantly, is easy to use and can be added to enhance previously applied sealants

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Turtle Wax Wet & Dry Spray Wax

Price: Around £7Size: 500mlRating: 4.5/5

Wax it Wet was one of the first of the products that leave protection as you dry a car after washing and rinsing. We reckon the formula has had a tweak or two over the years because it performed surprisingly well in our 2017 test. Sadly, we just didn’t see the same kind of resilience this time around, and falls into second place.

Wax it Wet was beading, but with nowhere near the same kind of speed as Supersonic!. While it got closer to its rival’s performance at the end of the test, it was still some way off. The main change here was the weather; we can only think it affected the Turtle Wax. It’s applied just like its rival; you spray it onto a wet panel, spread and dry it to a haze that soon disappears. But Wax it Wet is still a great budget alternative to our champion.

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Dodo Juice Future Armour

Price: Around £10Size: 500mlRating: 4/5

In typical Dodo Juice style, this is dubbed a “31st Century nano sealant”. Time will tell if that’s true, but what is certain now is that it is a star when applied to wet panels. Simply spray on, level the coating, then dry.

It’s easy to get a dry panel, and Dodo Juice claims the finish is good for four months’ protection. It was clearly working at the end of our three-week test, with little to choose between it and our winner – but a keener price edged Turtle Wax ahead. 

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Armor All Speed Wax

Price: Around £8Size: 500mlRating: 4/5

Speed Wax has long been a top finisher in this test, but just misses out on a podium here. It was a touch slower at shifting water than our remarkable top three, but it was close. As with other wash waxes it’s primarily a detailer, but it can be applied to wet bodywork and, usefully, glass.

It claims to “restore water beading”, and that’s just what we saw, with the coating left after spraying and wiping leaving a dry section even after three weeks.

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Angelwax Blue Rinse

Price: Around £8Size: 1,000mlRating: 4/5

The mild weather and slightly shorter test this time around not only brought the results of our competing wash waxes much closer together, but put a greater emphasis on price. This suited Angelwax, which provides a litre of Blue Rinse for the same money as many rivals want for 500ml.

Primarily a rinse aid, this is designed to add a shine and help with drying. However, the hydrophobic coating was still working after three weeks, if not quite as quickly it was on the top performers.

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Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax

Price: Around £15Size: 500mlRating: 4/5

Aqua Wax is a former winner of this test, but we didn’t see quite the same clear advantage with this Rapid version as we did before. Quite what has changed is not clear, as you still get two quality microfibre cloths – one to wipe and dry after spraying, and the other to buff.

Perhaps the milder weather didn’t suit it, as while it was still shifting water and would clear its panel, others were quicker. A greater emphasis on price doesn’t help it in this company.

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Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax

Price: Around £15Size: 450mlRating: 4/5

As with Autoglym, this former winner and previous test runner-up found the new circumstances didn’t allow it to perform as before. It was still shifting water at the end, but took more time to clear its section of scrapyard bonnet than the best here.

It’s still a quality product with its easy spray-and-wipe application, which lives up to its claim of leaving a hydrophobic coating. Also, as with Autoglym, its price doesn’t help in this close test. 

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Mothers California Gold Spray Wax

Price: Around £13Size: 710mlRating: 3/5

This US import is another solution that’s primarily designed as a detailer and can be used to top up an existing wax coating or as a standalone product. As a wash wax it certainly left a water-repellent finish, which was still present at the end of our test. This was still working, but not as quickly as the top performers.

The big bottle helps when it comes to value for money, but it wasn’t enough, as California Gold still works out more expensive than many on test.

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Bilt Hamber auto-qd

Price: Around £15Size: 500mlRating: 3/5

When it comes to protecting paint, there’s little auto-qd can’t do. It can be used between waxing, and Bilt Hamber says it works well over the brand’s anti-corrosion auto-balm wax. It can also double as a waterless wash and, diluted, a rinse aid.

As a wash wax it shifted water, but others had the edge here and we didn’t see the kind of beading we’ve experienced with Bilt Hamber’s waxes. It was also among the more expensive products on test.

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