Best-selling cars 1975

The Ford Cortina edged out the Ford Escort to top the list of best-selling cars in 1975

Ford Cortina - 1975

Fast forward 10 years, and Margaret Thatcher became the Conservative Party’s first female leader, the first episode of Fawlty Towers hit our televisions and David Bowie topped the music charts with Space Oddity.

Our car market suffered from the recession that was engulfing the country: sales were down 24 per cent in 1974 and another six in 1975 to 1.194 million.

Top 10 worst cars - Austin Allegro beige front cornering

Since 1972 when the Ford Cortina took the lead of the UK ranking, a Ford has been the number one car in the country every single year. The Cortina managed to stay on top in 1975 despite the progress of the more recent Ford Escort.

The Morris Marina and Austin Allegro posted very strong sales, as did the Hillman Hunter, in 10th. Imports shot up to one-third of the market in 1975, with the Datsun Sunny just short of the top 10.

Best-selling cars 1975

1Ford Cortina106,787
2Ford Escort103,817
3BMC Mini84,688
4Morris Marina78,632
5Austin Allegro63,339
6Vauxhall Viva54,731
7Hillman Avenger38,377
8Triumph Dolomite30,199
9Leyland Princess29,067
10Hillman Hunter28,966

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