Sub £16k - Skoda Superb

The world is your oyster at this price level, and we rate cars in three different classes

For £16,000, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger car than Skoda’s flagship Superb. Its family hatch price belies its executive car size, while the model has quality and looks to rival cars in the class above.

Thanks to its vast 2,761mm wheelbase, the Superb provides really impressive rear legroom, and there’s even a separate screen for rear passengers to operate the climate control in the back. This is just one of the features on the long list of standard equipment – comfortable seats, air-con, electric windows and split-fold rear seats are all included, even on entry-level variants.

The Superb’s unique selling point is its innovative Twindoor boot. It allows you to gain access to the 565-litre load space either through a conventional saloon-style bootlid or, at the touch of a button on the tailgate, a vast hatchback opening. By far the best feature at the moment, though, is the Superb’s price – as the Scrappage Scheme makes it look incredible value.

The company is offering even more money for your old banger – an extra £500 on top of the £2,000 discount – so you can choose from a wide range of engines and trim levels for our £18,000 budget.

We’ve picked out the entry-level 1.4 TSI, but our car had the brilliant 1.8-litre TSI, offering 160bhp. SE trim gets Alcantara and leather, plus cruise control and the dual climate system, for £16,430 through the initiative.

Diesel fans may prefer the 140bhp TDI PD S model, at £14,915 – this promises nearly 48mpg on the combined cycle. And the even more economical Greenline edition is available for £14,620 using the discount.

The Superb isn’t solely about space and value, though – for the money, you’re also getting a smooth ride, big car refinement and taut handling.


Price: £15,905/£13,405WHY: Executive saloon prowess and size for hatchback money




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