Futuristic Chrysler Portal electric concept unveiled at CES 2017

Chrysler reveals all electric concept car at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Fiat Chrysler has revealed its family car of the future at 2017 CES with its all-electric Portal concept.

The vehicle has been designed "by millenials for millenials" with a focus on growing with the owner and their potential family.

It seeks to be the "fifth generation" family solution following station wagons, minivans, SUVs and crossovers and features Level 3 autonomous driving functions with upgrades available to make it fully autonomous. 

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The exterior design uses glass extensively both in the lower portion of the double sliding doors and in the roof, providing each passenger with an individual skylight. The unique door design removes the B-pillar, delivering a 5ft opening for easy access. 

Meanwhile, LED light bars are featured at the front and rear and traditional wing mirrors have been replaced by 360-degree cameras.

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Inside, the Portal concept has a steering wheel that's a combination between race car and fighter jet with functionality to retract into the dash during autonomous driving modes. 

The dash itself has a LCD display that runs across the whole width of the car and a large central touchscreen with all displays fully configurable for each driver.

These individual driver profiles are stored by the Portal concept with face and voice recognition software automatically loading up saved preferences like seat position, temperature settings and music for each user.

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This same software will be used to automatically unlock the vehicle for registered owners removing the need for a key fob.  

The Portal concept aims to be a "hub for your life" and the "third space" between home and work. With that in mind there are eight docking stations for smartphones, laptops and tablets while audio can be personalised to each passenger zone.

There are six aircraft-style seats that can be folded flat into the floor when not required and to increase legroom while seatbelts are built into the seats. Synthetic leather has been used to be more environmentally friendly, too. 

The Portal concept will be fully electric with a charging point at the front - the Chrysler badge doubling as a charging indicator. It claims 250 miles from a 100kWh lithium-ion battery pack with a DC fast charger capable of restoring 150 miles in under 20 minutes. 

Engineer Ashley Edgar said: "Flexible, affordable, autonomous and connected. Smart is the new sexy. The Portal opens up a new world that feels surprisingly like home."

What do you think millennials will make of the Portal concept? Let us know in the comments...



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