Bridgestone Turanza T005 review

The Bridgestone Turanza T005's fuel economy is undoubtedly it's biggest selling point

It’s hard to look past its stellar fuel economy result when assessing the T005. It was no doubt assisted by being W speed rated rather than rival’s Y, which meant it was more than a kilo lighter than most of its rivals. 

That weight advantage, around 750g less than the next lightest, no doubt helped the rolling resistance result, but this performance cannot just be explained away by a different specification, because we have seen the T005 top the test by a healthy margin before. 

A four per cent fuel economy advantage over the next best is impressive and will appeal to some drivers, but the performance trade-off for good fuel economy is wet grip, and we can see that with the T005. It needed seven metres more to stop than the winning Hankook and five more than the next best. It was also doing almost 23mph when the best had stopped, which is a concern. 

Around the handling track the T005 was stable with a secure rear, although grip dropped off markedly as the lock increased. It was closer to the top in the dry and felt secure, with good grip on the power and it held its line well, although it wasn’t as sharp as the Conti or Goodyear.

We say...

High-mileage drivers will love the Turanza T005, but a more balanced performance is needed to move higher in our overall ranking. says…

'Well liked by Black Circles customers, this tyre has a good overall rating of 4.5/5 from more than 2,900 reviews. Buyers praise low noise levels and performance in the wet and dry.'


Bridgestone Turanza T005  
Wet handling:97.20%7th
Wet braking:85.10%9th
Wet cornering:97.60%5th
Straight aquaplaning:96.10%6th
Curved aquaplaning:81.20%7th
Dry handling:99.00%8th
Dry braking:96.60%6th
Rolling resistance:100%1st
Cabin noise:99.10%6th

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