Peugeot i-Cockpit and the new tech of the 3008 explained

A raft of advanced features sets the 3008 apart from other crossovers including the new i-Cockpit interior concept

We’ve seen how Peugeot has invested time and money in making the new 3008 a desirable and upmarket SUV that’s good to drive. But the company knows buyers will be drawn in by the technology and special features. Nothing illustrates how far Peugeots have come in recent years like the car’s infotainment system, raft of practical touches and active safety kit.

Below we run through some of the standard features and optional extras that help the newcomer stand out. These are the touches that set the Peugeot apart in the hotly contested mid-size family SUV class, and aim to give it an edge over rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai and Renault Kadjar

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Some of these features, like the Smart Electric Tailgate and Magic Folding seats, make the 3008 more usable and practical for family buyers looking to use the available space to the maximum. Others, like the new-generation i-Cockpit 2.0 dashboard with its digital instruments and Connect SOS with built-in SIM card, give the 3008 connectivity and technology to rival much more expensive SUVs.

Peugeot i-Cockpit

The dashboard features the biggest change inside the new 3008. Peugeot is using the new SUV to introduce its second-generation i-Cockpit instrument design. The original i-Cockpit first appeared in 2012, but this time the wheel has been reshaped with a flat top, while the instruments have also been moved higher to make them easier to see above the rim of the wheel. As part of the update, Peugeot has introduced a new 12.3-inch digital dial display that is fitted as standard across the range.

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The TFT display offers colourful graphics and can be programmed to show as much or as little information as you need. Virtual dials can mimic the classic analogue set-up, while you can opt for a navigation display or driving assistance info display that sits between roller-style speedo and rev counters. This puts the most important info in your line of sight, making driving safer and more convenient. 

Eight-inch touchscreen with toggle switches

Most Peugeot cars now have touchscreens, but the 3008 moves things on considerably, as the eight-inch display is the biggest the brand has ever offered. It’s angled towards the driver, and features capacitive technology to give it improved responses when you’re using it.

As well as the improved touchscreen, Peugeot has added seven chrome ‘piano key’ toggle switches below the air vents on the dash. These shortcuts allow the driver to choose between the climate control, navigation and smartphone functions without having to scroll through fiddly touch-sensitive menus. On top of this, the 3008 features Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink connectivity across the range, and there’s a wireless inductive smartphone charging plate on GT Line models and above, allowing you to keep your device topped up.

Built-in SIM card for Peugeot CONNECT and SOS Assistance

Many of us would like to tether our phones to our cars, but the 3008 has a 4G sim card so you don’t have to. This allows the connective services in the sat-nav to operate without eating into your personal data allowance. 

Allure models and above come with a three-year subscription to Peugeot CONNECT, giving access to services such as TomTom Live Traffic, weather, fuel pricing and Google search.

These models also benefit from the company’s latest Connect SOS and Assistance system. This can locate the car in an accident and inform the emergency services. It’s subscription-free and uses the GPS module and built-in SIM.

Peugeot i-Cockpit Amplify

GT Line and GT variants of the 3008 take the i-Cockpit concept to another level with the Amplify system. It offers two distinct modes called ‘Boost’ and ‘Relax’ which change the cabin ambience by using the lights, speakers and standard fragrance diffuser. 

The colour schemes for the screens and ambient lighting can be altered, while the engine sound can be amplified via the speakers when selecting Sport mode. 

Three switchable fragrances can be pumped into the cabin via the diffuser, and the eight-point seat massager (standard on GT models) offers five modes. Boost mode even sharpens up the throttle and steering to give a more dynamic driving experience.

Other key features on the new Peugeot 3008

180-degree colour reversing camera 

Parking sensors and reversing cameras are nothing new, but Peugeot’s latest system, found as standard on Allure models and above, embraces tech that’s rarely seen at this price point.

The eight-inch central touchscreen not only displays the usual rear view, with a box grid showing distances that match the car’s size, it also offers two further modes. The 180-degree view divides the screen into three zones, showing vehicles approaching from both sides, while an overhead view displays everything around the rear half of the car when you’re reversing.

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Smart Electric Tailgate and Open and Go

GT-spec versions of the 3008 come with a smart electric tailgate, allowing you to arrive at the car with your hands full and still access the boot. 

A sensor is built into the bumper; simply wave your foot under it and the bootlid opens. Handily, the same motion also closes the boot. GT versions also come with Peugeot’s Open and Go keyless entry, which allows you to just grab the door handle to unlock the car.

Glass panoramic roof

The panoramic roof featured on the new 3008 is a first – it’s the only opening glass panoramic roof Peugeot has ever offered on one of its vehicles. Two large glass panels bathe the cabin in bright natural light, while the roof can be opened up to 16 inches wide.

An electric roller blind is also thrown in – this is finished in grey or black depending on the trim level – and the look is completed by blue ambient lighting, which flanks the panel on the inside.

GT models come with the panoramic roof standard, while it’s a £990 option across the rest of the range. 

Two-Position boot floor

To complement the 591-litre boot, GT Line models and above can be fitted with a clever two-position pull-out boot floor. 

As well as the usual upper and lower settings allowing hidden storage beneath, the 3008’s false floor can be slid out of the boot by 30cm and be locked in place. 

It can support up to 100kg, which will help with heavy loads, or even provide somewhere to sit on a family picnic.

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Magic Wash system

Another feature more usually found on expensive premium models rather than mid-size crossovers and SUVs is Peugeot’s Magic Wash system. 

Instead of two nozzles mounted on the bonnet squirting screenwash over the screen, this uses tiny jets mounted just above the wiper blades that evenly distribute the screenwash in front of the blade as it wipes. This uses the screenwash more efficiently, and promises to improve visibility, too.

Adaptive Full LED headlamps with SmartBeam

When the sun sets, no feature on a car is more vital than the headlamps. All 3008s come with LED daytime running lights and ‘Claw’ design LED lights at the rear, but GT-Line models and above are fitted with Peugeot’s self-levelling full LED headlamps. 

They’re bright and clear, while SmartBeam Assistance tech uses a windscreen-mounted camera to detect cars ahead and switch from high to low beam automatically. 

Further neat lighting touches on top-spec 3008s include scrolling LED indicators and mirror-mounted LED approach lights that project the outline of Peugeot’s ‘Lion’ symbol on the ground when you unlock the car.

Advanced Grip Control with Hill Assist Descent Control

While the 3008 doesn’t come with conventional four-wheel drive, Peugeot offers Advanced Grip Control with a five-way traction optimisation system to keep you moving. A development of the 2008’s set-up, this is optional across the range. 

There are modes for snow, mud and sand, and the system distributes power differently for each surface. It can be controlled easily using a rotary dial mounted on the centre console.

For the first time on a Peugeot, hill descent control is included. At a gradient of more than five per cent and below 19mph, the system will maintain speed to reduce the risk of slipping. A ‘Clutch Mode’ function also allows the car to creep down very steep slopes at 2mph.

Active Safety

Peugeot has integrated more active safety systems into the 3008 than any other car it’s sold, and many of them are standard. 

Appearing across the range are auto emergency braking, which operates at up to 70mph, and speed limit recognition, while active lane keeping with steering correction, blind spot detection and driver fatigue detection are included on Allure specification upwards. 

Adaptive cruise with auto stop debuts on GT models with the automatic box. Not only does this accelerate and slow the 3008 in relation to the car in front, it can also bring it to a halt and engage the parking brake if the driver fails to respond.

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