BMW X1 facelift

4 Apr, 2012 3:40pm

The updated BMW X1 has made its debut at the New York Motor Show

A facelifted BMW X1 has been revealed at the New York Motor Show. The new car is due in dealers in September, with a number of styling changes.

More of the car is now painted in the body colour, with BMW’s designers doing away with much of the rugged black bumper trim of the outgoing model.

While the changes aren’t exactly radical, they make the nose appear sleeker and smoother. A new set of headlamps completes the look, with chrome accents and advanced lighting technology.

What’s more, the X1’s side indicators have now been integrated into the door mirrors, while the rear has also been smartened up, with cleaner lines and more body-coloured trim.

Inside, BMW has focused on improving quality with a metal surround for the gearlever and chrome dotted all around the cabin. Even the air vent surrounds get high-gloss black trim.

The new X1 is available in rear-wheel-drive sDrive or four-wheel-drive xDrive guises, and prices are expected to rise slightly over the current model. Expect the range to start from around £25,000.

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Well lets be fair, they couldnt make it any worse. It is and probably still will be the ugliest car on the road today. Even the Koreans are putting Germany to shame now

Still looks like a Lada with a BMW badge, what were BMW think with this and the 1 series. Come to think of it what has happend to their designs in general, those massive grills on the front of their new cars, were they inspired by buggs bunny? Fast becoming the Micky Mouse of car designs! ;oP

Funny what happens with facelifts, nowadays it throws in daytime running lights, before that it was clear indicator lenses, before that it was body-coloured bumpers, before that it was, er?

Anyway, my point is, even the Citröen C1 now has daytime running lights, so what will be the next fad to make us aware that the car makers have refreshed their model?

It is improved with this facelift, and like AndyG says- couldn't be worse!
Whenever I see these on the road I am amazed at how badly proportioned they are, how did this design ever get signed off, and why do people by them? Buy a Yeti and take an exotic holiday with the saving.

..but surely the 1 series still owns the ugly stick victim crown?!

Even the better looking new 3 and 5 series still have awkward proportions from some angles.

Its going to take many years to dilute the damage done by Bangle and his minions, which is a great shame for such great cars.

This has to be the most pointless car on the road and anyone who buys one, drives one need their head examined. Its not good in any department. Its not an off roader, it does not handle like a small family hatch, space, ride, looks. Total rubbish and waste of valuable resource.

If this did not have a BMW badge no one would be the slightest bit interested. Smacked with the ugly stick at birth. No redeeming features. And good bye.

I’m really struggling to see anything different from the current model. The looks are not for me and point to a specific buyer. Its capabilities are still very current but its utterly rotten looking and this change hasn't made it easier to the eye. Not a one for me and i hope for anyone i know either..!!!!!!!!!!