BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride unveiled

28 Nov, 2012 8:13pm Jack Rix

A collaboration between BMW and ski manufacturer K2, the X1 Powder Ride is aimed at winter sports enthusiasts

BMW is embracing winter with a special edition of the X1 crossover, which has made its debut at the LA Motor Show. The Concept K2 Powder Ride is a collaboration between BMW and ski maker K2, and is aimed squarely at winter sports fans.

The Valencia Orange paintwork is splattered with graphics taken from a popular K2 ski design - the centre piece is a fox, stretching down the side of the car. To improve tyhe X1's modest off-road ability, the suspension has been jacked up by 8mm, and new 19-inch Ferric Grey alloys fill the arches. Matching grey trim is added to the front and rear bumpers and side sills, too.

Matt black roof rails support a BMW roof box with a few tricks up its sleeve. A Harmon Kardon sound system is installed into the side of the box on the driver's side, turning the X1 Powder Ride into an instant apres ski venue - there's even a microphone included if you fancy singing along. 

The external speakers generate a total of 320W, while a high-performance amp and 500W subwoofer are also included. Three LED spotlights are integrated into the front of the roof box and the entire roof can be illuminated in Blue or Orange. 

Although BMW is labelling the K2 Powder Ride as a concept, it does preview a special edition that will go on sale in the US this month costing $44,390 (£27,900).