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Audi TT Final Report: 9,357 miles

A late problem with an exhaust sensor couldn’t blot our coupé’s copybook after a thrilling 12 months on our fleet

Our Audi TT has been getting a bit hot under the collar lately – and it’s got nothing to do with fiery volcanic ash in the atmosphere or the UK’s sizzling summer weather.

Rather, the temperature was rising under the coupé’s stylish bodywork. And according to the car’s manual, when two amber warning lights started flashing on the TT’s instrument panel, it was down to the diesel’s glowplug and the engine management system and catalytic converter. The handbook was unequivocal in the course of action. ‘Get it to your dealer IMMEDIATELY!’

I called my local franchise in Southend, Essex, to seek further advice. “It’s okay to drive, but bring it in asap – we wouldn’t advise you take it anywhere too far, say like John O’Groats!”

A couple of days later, the TT was in a service bay at Southend Audi, with the diagnosis that a faulty exhaust gas temperature sensor was the culprit. But the guilty part wasn’t in stock and another visit was needed the following week to do the job.

The return trip also allowed work to be carried out on a ‘mystery’ recall. The dealer listed it as a Code 23D8, which involved modifying the drainage tubes for the air-conditioning system.

I thought I’d check out with Audi UK how many TTs were affected – and guess what? It assured me there was no such thing as 23D8. However, a quick trawl through various online forums suggests I’m not the only TT owner to have this work done.

Anyhow, the Coupé is now back to its usual reliable and brilliant self. We’ve clocked up a total mileage of 9,350 across the editorial team – and apart from the sensor and recall, the 2.0 TDI continues to run smoothly, powerfully and economically. We’re averaging just over 37mpg, which is great for this type of car.

Even after a year on our fleet, the TT still turns heads thanks to its beautiful lines, distinctive optional Petrol Blue paint finish and muscular 19-inch alloys. Be warned, though – those rims are all too easy to scuff if you spend a lot of time driving in town!

Inside, the TT’s beautiful leather-trimmed cabin has worn well. The seats are supportive and comfortable, no matter what size or shape the occupants.  And the Audi continues to surprise and impress everyone with its practical boot. It really is amazing what will fit in with the rear seats down – we even carried a bike in it!

But then, this TT is full of surprises – none more so than what lies under the bonnet. The 2.0-litre TDI engine sounds positively sporty for a diesel, yet it’s smooth, refined and has bags of torque for those occasions when you need to put your foot down. Yes, the TT ownership experience has been a joy – even when the temperature rises! I can think of only one car this summer that could replace it – and that’s the TT Roadster!

Extra Info

“The Audi is heading off into the sunset,and according to Glass’s Guide it should still be worth £24,750 – a drop of £2,865. That’s not bad after a year and 10,000 miles. The Government’s new road tax regime has also seen the cost of an annual disc fall by £10 since we took delivery last May.”

Ross Pinnock Road test editor

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