Used BMW 4 Series (Mk1, 2014-2020) review - How much will a used BMW 4 Series cost?

Considering the performance on offer, the 4 Series' economy and emissions are impressive

Buying and owning a BMW 4 Series needn’t cost the earth. Used prices are edging towards the £10,000 mark, while the running costs aren’t too expensive, especially if you opt for a diesel version.


Few cars have aged as well as the BMW 4 Series, which makes an early example an incredibly tempting proposition, especially with prices starting from £10,000. Don’t be put off by ex-lease and company cars, because while you might find the odd stone chip on the paintwork, the engine and transmission will have led an easy life on the motorways of Britain. There’s also a greater chance of finding a car with full service history.

Convertibles are rarer than the 4 Series Coupe. This, and the car’s desirability, increases the price of entry, so bank on spending close to £15,000 for one of these models. Buying out of season will increase your chances of grabbing a bargain. Gran Coupe prices are roughly in line with those of the 4 Series Coupe.

Economy and CO2 emissions

The 420d is the most efficient 4 Series model you can buy. Under the latest WLTP test procedure it has a best fuel economy figure of 50.4mpg. Add the eight-speed auto and this stays the same, although the auto with xDrive four wheel drive, sees claimed economy drop to 45.6mpg.

The petrol engines are also reasonable – a 420i with the automatic transmission emits 151g/km of CO2 and returns an official 37.7mpg overall, while the 430i can manage 37.2mpg and 140g/km.

The nice thing is that these figures aren't just spec-sheet pie-in-the-sky; from our experience you can replicate them in the real world, driving normally. One caveat, though – emissions figures are dependent on alloy wheel size, so choose carefully when buying a used 4 Series. You’ll also find that there’s a significant weight penalty if you choose the Convertible version, and that will have a knock-on effect on your fuel consumption.

The xDrive four-wheel drive system will also add to your fuel costs, but not by as much as you’d think – the system is relatively lightweight for its type. Those seeking to add extra efficiency to their 4 Series should go for that automatic option – gone are the days when an auto made consumption worse, and the slick ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic actually makes the 4 Series more efficient and in most cases actually drops the CO2 by a few grams per kilometre.

Running costs

The 4 Series has variable servicing, so the car flags up when it needs attention. No two check-ups cost the same, but they’re typically every 18,000 miles or two years.

An oil change is £179 to £215 depending on model; a full service with filters is £411 to £561. All engines are chain-driven, so there are no cambelts to renew. The coolant never needs replacing. The brake fluid should be refreshed every two years, at a cost of £93.

Lower-end 4 Series models hover around the Group 30 mark for insurance, but that grouping rises steeply once you start adding more engine capacity or power, and especially if you add on M Sport spec.

A 420i Sport is in Group 30, while the same car in M Sport spec is Group 31. The 435d xDrive is up above Group 40.

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