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Fiat Tipo review - MPG, CO2 and Running Costs

Decent economy from diesel engines goes well with the low starting price

The Tipo was designed from the start to be a good value car, and its low price in mainland Europe reflects that - but in the UK it’s more expensive and that invites comparison with some much more accomplished models.

Even the top-spec Tipo isn't too much money, and if you’re looking for a spacious hatch on a shoestring, the range starts from about £15,000, while Fiat's finance deals are tempting. This will get you a 94bhp 1.4 petrol in Easy trim, but with all models receiving DAB, Bluetooth and air-con, the kit offered on even the most basic Tipo is respectable. If you need even more space, the Tipo Station Wagon boasts a 550-litre boot, and costs an extra £1,000. The saloon version is only offered with the old 94bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine and is priced at just over £14,000 in Easy trim, with an additional £500 getting you into a Street spec model.

However if you want decent equipment and an economical engine in your Fiat Tipo you’ll need to spend a bit more, and at that point you are well into the price range of a more traditional hatchback rival like the Vauxhall Astra.

The entry-level engine is the 94bhp 1.4 petrol, which has been tested on the latest WLTP test cycle and returns up to 40.7mpg. This figure is poorer in higher spec cars that are heavier and come with larger wheels and tyres, but only by a couple of MPG in comparison. The more powerful 118bhp 1.4 T-Jet turbo petrol offers better performance, but without much penalty in terms of economy. In Mirror trim, the 1.4 has quoted economy of up to 37.2mpg, but the T-Jet is quoted at up to 36.7mpg, only half a mile per gallon poorer.

The Multijet diesel is a 1.6-litre engine with the same 118bhp output as the T-Jet petrol. It offers good low-end torque and returns up to 51.4mpg on the WLTP test cycle. 

Emissions are as low as 110g/km for the diesel Tipo, while the petrol cars return 149g/km for the 1.4 and 153g/km for the T-Jet motor.


As it's supposed to be a budget compact hatch, you'd expect low insurance ratings. And that's what you get, with all cars in the Tipo range falling into Group 6. In comparison, the Vauxhall Astra starts in Group 10.


Fiat Tipo buyers will take a hammering when it comes to depreciation. The car's budget roots, mainstream badge and relatively low-tech build and technology mean the range sees depreciation go no higher than 31 per cent after three years/36,000 miles. That's among the poorest residuals in the new car market, let alone the compact hatchback class.

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