Kahn RS250 Evoque

Tuner has given the Range Rover Evoque more impact. But is the update worth the £20k premium?

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3.0 out of 5

Kahn’s suspension and wheel changes enhance the look of the Evoque, but they also detract from the low-speed ride and increase tyre roar at high speeds. And while the bespoke finish and more assertive style will appeal to many deep-pocketed customers, some of the execution isn’t as good as you’d hope in a conversion that costs £20,000 on top of the standard car.

Can one of the most head-turning cars on the road be made to stand out even more? Kahn Design has a history of giving Land Rovers extrovert transformations, so it was only a matter of time before the company – based in Bradford, West Yorkshire – worked its magic on the Range Rover Evoque.

As the name suggests, the RS250 Vesuvius Copper Evoque is finished in bright orange paint. Add the restyled front grille, with its contrasting black inserts, and the lower, wider bumper, and you’re left in no doubt that this is something special.

The car has real presence, and the effect is carried around to the back with an additional spoiler and a diffuser-style housing for the matt black central exhausts. Then there’s the huge 22-inch alloy wheels...

It’s those rims and Kahn’s 30mm suspension drop which underline the enhancements made to the Evoque. Nothing underneath the bonnet has been changed; the 2.2-litre SD4 diesel engine is untouched, so its 190bhp output remains identical to those of standard cars leaving Land Rover’s production line.

The key updates are to how the Evoque rides and handles. The steering remains alert and surprisingly crisp and communicative in its response, although the penalty for the sportier stance is an edgier ride around town. It’s not jarring, or especially unpleasant, but more of the road’s imperfections are felt inside the cabin.

Kahn’s changes mean that there is some additional tyre roar at high speed, too, and there’s also likely to be a small penalty at the pumps. The pay-off is worth it, though: the RS250 update adds a bespoke feel to the Evoque. Its interior is swathed in diamond-quilted leather and Alcantara to good effect, while Kahn will tweak the interior to each customer's exact requirements, no matter what they might be...

Given the near-£20,000 premium it commands over a standard Range Rover Evoque, the RS250 is disappointing – and so too is evidence of the car’s original white paintwork on the suspension turrets under the bonnet. This is an unusual oversight from Kahn, and one we’d hope wouldn’t feature on cars that make it to customers.

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