Mercedes E63 AMG

Tuning arm has worked its magic on German firm’s latest exec star.

From the moment you see the E63’s AMG badge until the second you turn the ignition key, there is a huge sense of occasion about the range-topping E-Class. And this feeling remains until you get out of the car. The Mercedes delivers on all accounts, and the mighty 6.3-litre V8 sounds and performs brilliantly. But as well as offering blistering pace, the E63 is a competent cruiser, and would be a great choice of car for eating up the miles – if you can ignore the 22.4mpg economy.

Drivers take note... This is no ordinary E-Class! The 525bhp E63 is the result of Mercedes’ latest collaboration with its AMG tuning partner – and it’s created a car with two distinct personalities.

Even though the newcomer looks and feels every inch the refined executive saloon, the E63 also has a darker side.

At the core of this is its 6.3-litre V8 engine. Producing a soundtrack you will never tire of, it delivers an enormous 630Nm of torque. This means the sprint from 0-62mph takes only 4.5 seconds, even though the car weighs 1,840kg. Such is the power that on a test track, it doesn’t stop pulling until the limiter kicks in at 155mph. The unit is mated to a seven-speed automatic gearbox with four driving modes: comfort, sport, sport plus and manual.

In comfort, gearshifts take a leisurely 250 milliseconds and are smooth and come early in the revs. Select Sport Plus, though, and gearshift times are slashed to 100 milliseconds, with each change performed right at the top of the rev range.

Stiffer There’s also a choice of three suspension settings. Plus, you can specify the performance pack upgrade, which includes an electronic limited-slip rear differential and stiffer spring rates. AMG carbon ceramic brakes are an option, too.

But the new E63 isn’t all about straight-line speed. AMG has spent a lot of time ensuring this E-Class has the handling to match. With its lower, wider stance, lighter kerbweight and stiffer suspension – comprising steel springs at the front and air springs at the back – the rear-driven Merc sticks to the road remarkably well. The steering is a little soft but still very capable.

The best thing about the E63 is its adaptability – there’s a setting for all driving situations. None of this comes cheap, with prices from around £70,000. Yet given the power, handling and comfort at your disposal, there is lots to applaud from this latest AMG model.

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