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Mercedes G-Class review - MPG, CO2 and Running Costs

Expensive to buy and to run, especially in the case of the G 63

Life with a G-Class is expensive before you’ve left the Mercedes showroom, so the running costs are unlikely to come as a shock. That said in an age of electric vehicles and hybrids, the G still feels like a bit of a dinosaur. A loveable dinosaur, but prehistoric all the same. 

The G 350 d starts from a not insignificant £94,000, but the G 63 weighs in close to £145,000. And the costs won’t stop there.

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In the G 350 d, you could expect between 25.2mpg and 25.9mpg depending on wheels and options, but in the G 63 the economy drops as low as 18.6mpg. Neither versions are what you’d call efficient, but the G-Class wasn’t built with aerodynamics and efficiency in mind. 

CO2 emissions range from 252g/km in the diesel to 299g/km in the AMG, making the G-Class tax inefficient for private and company car users. Both have a BiK tax rate in the highest bracket, while VED will cost £450 for five years from year two. At least the £2,070 first-year rate is ‘hidden’ in the purchase price.

Insurance groups

Make sure you’re sitting down when you use a price comparison site for the G-Class insurance, because the cost is likely to be very high. While the grouping for the G 350 d hasn’t been announced, the G 63 slots into group 50 – the highest rating. This places it alongside supercars and luxury cars. 


Depreciation is unlikely to bother a G-Class owner, and because sales in the UK are likely to be modest, there’s unlikely to be an oversupply of used vehicles. The cult status also helps with residual values, which are in the region of 60 per cent, making the G-Class one of the best performers on the market. However, when a new car costs just shy of £100,000, the immediate hit is still quite severe.


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