Best roof racks 2018

Which is best roof rack on sale? We look at rail and flush mounting market leaders to find out...

Roof racks make perfect sense for motorists becoming ever more conscious of fuel economy. It’s madness to drive a bigger car than you need all year just to cope with the annual family holiday or occasional trips away with bikes. So whatever extra gear you plan to put on the roof, you’ll need the best roof racks possible.

Roof designs have changed over the years with gutters virtually disappearing and dedicated fixing points becoming less popular. While rails remain on off-roaders and the like, car makers are now favouring flush-mounted versions. 

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With that in mind, we have divided the best roof racks into two categories: those that mount to the roof rails of your car and those that attach flush to your roof. Below you will find the winners on both groups, with the reviews of each set available using the tabs at the top left of your screen.


Flush mount roof bars

Summit’s winning SUP-957 bars are great all-rounders at a keen price. The more expensive recommended Farads trail slightly, but benefit from low noise at speed. Atera’s Signo RTD bars are the ultimate choice here if money is no object.

  1. 1. Summit SUP-957
  2. 2. Farad Aerodynamic Aluminium Roof Bars
  3. 3. Atera Signo RTD

Rail mount roof bars

Thule and Atera battled it out for first place in our test, although the former has the edge on account of its better warranty and versatility. Farad’s Alu Bars are highly capable all-rounders at an almost budget price.

  1. 1. Thule Wingbar
  2. 2. Atera Signo RT
  3. 3. Farad Bars Alu

Use the buttons at the top left of this article to read the reviews of each roof bar in this test.


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