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Audi Q3 review - Reliability and Safety

The Q3 gets top marks for safety, but reliability reports aren’t great across the Audi range

The Audi brand may have a positive premium image, but that may be counter-productive when it comes to setting high expectations for owners. In our 2019 Driver Power satisfaction survey, Audi came 16th overall out of 30 manufacturers. That was ahead of Mercedes and BMW, but still no great shakes. Owners were generally positive about build quality, but it appears the German manufacturers still haven’t tackled the issue of reliability with anything like the determination and discipline of Lexus which routinely tops the satisfaction tables.

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The Q3 has passed the independent Euro NCAP crash testing programme with flying colours though, being awarded a full five-star rating. The Q3 has an extensive roster of safety kit that includes autonomous emergency brakes, lane departure warning and lane-keeping assistance, as well as an optional intelligent adaptive cruise control system that not only keeps you a set distance from the car in front, but steers for you as well.


Audi’s warranty offer lags behind its direct rivals BMW and Mercedes, because although you get three-year cover there’s a 60,000-mile cap on warranty claims. BMW and Merc offer unlimited mileage cover over the same three-year term, and of course some non-premium manufacturers are offering much longer warranties – up to seven years. You can extend the Audi cover, but that’s at extra cost. 


If you do a lot of miles your Q3 will tell you when it needs servicing, with intervals that shift depending on how you drive the car. Service intervals could be as far apart as 24,000 miles as the car’s onboard sensors check oil quality and notify the driver when it’s time for a pit-stop. Lower mileage drivers – less than 12,000 miles a year – will have annual checks.


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