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Audi Q3 review - MPG, CO2 and Running Costs

Economy figures are unconfirmed, but running costs should be appropriate to each model’s performance

Fuel economy is respectable across the Q3 range, that said, if you pick one of the hotter models and drive it hard, you can expect a penalty at the pumps.

The diesel engines are the most frugal, and the lower power 148bhp diesel found in the Sport 35 TDI will reach 48.7mpg on a WLTP test. The punchiest 187bhp diesel engine is capable of returning 40.4mpg - thanks to the 4x4 penalty.

CO2 ratings are lowest for the 148bhp 35 TDI engine with the automatic S tronic gearbox will emit 152g/km of CO2, although the seven-speed S tronic-equipped 35 TFSI petrol isn’t far behind at 162g/km in the Q3 Sport entry model. The same engine with manual gears emits 157g/km.

The highest ratings are unsurprisingly for the 40 TFSI and 45 TFSI which emit 208 and 205g/km respectively in top Vorsprung spec. 

Insurance groups

With performance roughly on a par with outgoing models, we don’t expect the official insurance figures for the new Audi Q3 to vary much from the previous line-up. The slowest derivative is the 148bhp diesel, which we expect to come in around group 24/25, which is pretty much the same for the Sportback version.

Petrol engine ratings are likely to start around the same level, but opt for the 227bhp 45 TSFI and you’ll be hit with a group 30 insurance rating or higher.


The last generation Audi Q3 was definitely in demand on the used market, and even towards the end of its life commanded expected residual values of over 50 per cent after three years and 30,000 miles. The new version is likely to do at least as well, and while it’s still the new kid on the block should do a lot better. The old model had predicted residuals of almost 70 percent when it was not long out of its launch phase.

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