Volvo V60 Cross Country review - Engines, performance and drive

The V60 Cross Country is a straightforward thing from behind the wheel, fielding a decent ride and a relaxed diesel powertrain. It can venture off-road too.

Settle in behind the wheel of the V60 Cross Country and you can just about feel the additional 60mm of ride height, and the cabin feels ever so slightly elevated from the road surface. The difference is most evident when compared to the low slung, new R-Design version of the V60. It feels slightly taller than an Audi A4 Allroad too.

If the A4 Allroad is a sharp-to-drive take on the posh, propped up estate, the Volvo stays true to its colours with an emphasis on comfort. A decent amount of the 60mm increase in height can be put down to the larger profile tyres equipped as standard. Few sub-SUV cars on the road today get quite so much rubber, so immediately, the V60 Cross Country’s primary ride is strong, as the revised suspension setup gets plenty of cushion to work with.

At speed it’s soft, but not totally wafty. A lick of body control has been retained through a suspension setup not totally committed to being as pliant as possible. It means that small vibrations and a small degree of brittleness can be picked up on the move, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off, and this is still a very comfortable car.

The 187bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine sending power to the all-wheel-drive system is a straightforward affair. It’s a modest but well-judged amount of power, and the V60 Cross Country never feels short of grunt. The eight-speed transmission is smooth, and while it’s not totally foolproof, it doesn’t have to be razor sharp in action given the serene nature of the V60 Cross Country, and the way this car is likely to be driven. The same can be said of the steering, which is comfortably weighted but absent of any road feel.

Away from the tarmac, the raised suspension, all-wheel-drive, cladding, the specialised off-road setting for the traction control and hill descent control mean there’s a definite sense of ability off-road. It won’t venture as far as a proper SUV, but for green-landing and rutted tracks, the V60 Cross Country is more than capable.

Engines, 0-60 acceleration and top speed

For now, there’s only one engine available in the Volvo V60 Cross Country – a turbocharged 2.0-litre diesel with 187bhp and 400Nm of torque. Four-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic gearbox are standard.

Performance is adequate if not particularly electrifying: 0-62mph takes 8.2 seconds and top seed is 130mph. There’s plenty of torque though, making for acceptable in-gear punch and good overtaking ability. It’s bound to help when towing or tackling difficult terrain, too.

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