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Audi A1 review - Practicality, comfort and boot space

Five-door practicality and a roomy cabin make the A1 a very family-friendly option

Now the three-door A1 variant has been dropped, and because the new generation is bigger than before, owners of the previous generation will find the latest Audi supermini is a lot more useful.

Five-doors means easy access to the rear for baby seats and the like, and the extra space inside means more adjustment for the driver’s seat so it will be easier for all shapes and sizes to get comfy. Forward visibility is fine too, although rear parking sensors will be a boon for some when reversing, as like many modern hatchbacks the rear view is hardly panoramic.

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In other respects, the cabin is typical Audi, with decent glovebox, door pockets and storage in the centre console, plus cup-holders between the seats. Practicality is also enhanced by the application of so much tech. The optional Virtual Cockpit dash in particular offering up navigation info that’s easily assimilated by the driver.


Although its sporty style is eye-catching, the Audi A1 is basically fairly boxy when you look beyond the decorative elements of the design. It’s also bigger than before, and so compares favourably to rivals for interior and boot space. It measures up at 4,029mm long and 1,740mm wide, which is, however, a little shorter than the VW Polo’s 4,053mm length.

Leg room, head room & passenger space

There’s plenty of room in the front seats, while two rear seats passengers are accommodated comfortably, without squashed knees or cricked necks. A third rear passenger will be a squeeze, but the same goes for all cars in the Audi A1’s supermini class. 


Compared to the old A1, there’s been a big boost in luggage capacity – up 65 litres to 335 litres in total. If you fold the rear seats, which don’t quite go flat, but are split 60:40, then total luggage space goes up to 1,090 litres.


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