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Citroen C4 SpaceTourer (2013–2019) review - Engines, performance and drive

The C4 SpaceTourer is comfortable and refined, with quiet and economical engines

Citroen’s cars have always tended to be comfortable, and the C4 SpaceTourer upholds that reputation. It's a car that majors on comfort rather than performance. Thanks to the softer ride, you never feel like driving quite as hard as you would in a Ford C-MAX, for example. Even so, the C4 SpaceTourer still clings on well in bends despite some body roll, and while its steering is lifeless, it is at least accurate. 

Slow things down a bit and you can revel in the strong refinement and supple ride. The Citroen soaks up bigger bumps and undulations with ease, but deeper potholes and sharp ridges can send a shudder through the cabin. Wind and road noise are also well suppressed, and on a long journey it’s more relaxing than the latest Renault Scenic.  

Elsewhere, the panoramic windscreen on Feel models and above and thin A-pillars offer unparalleled visibility, although the multitude of controls on the steering wheel can be a touch confusing.  


The basic 128bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine is actually one of the best. Even though it has only three cylinders, it’s hushed around town and punchy enough on the open road – making overtaking simple and straightforward. Specify this PureTech model in Feel trim and it’s also the cheapest C4 SpaceTourer to buy, plus it’s quicker from 0-62mph than all but the most powerful diesel and petrol versions, taking 10.1 seconds.

Although the 98bhp 1.6-litre BlueHDi 100 diesel has the lowest CO2 emissions and best fuel economy in the range, it isn’t much of a performer. It’s quite sluggish in comparison to the other models in the range, covering 0-62mph in 12.7 seconds, and as you have to push the engine a bit to get the car moving, this takes the edge off the Citroen’s otherwise excellent refinement.

The 118bhp version of the same engine is a much better bet – it’s still very economical but is much more flexible, with a lot more pulling power, and is capable of 0-62mph in 11.3 seconds. The smooth engine pulls well from low revs, while the long-throw six-speed manual gearbox has a reasonably precise action. Load the Citroen up with a full complement of passengers and it’ll struggle a little on steeper inclines, although it’s no worse than similarly powered rivals.

At the top of the range is a 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine, known as the BlueHDi 150. Although this isn’t quite as frugal as the 1.6-litre versions, it’s still very cheap to run and quite a bit faster, with plenty of mid-range pull and a 0-62mph time of 9.7 seconds.

The fastest C4 SpaceTourer is the 163bhp 1.6-litre THP petrol, which claims 8.4 seconds for the benchmark sprint. But it’s only available as an automatic and is by far the most expensive version to run, so it doesn’t make a great deal of sense in an MPV such as this.

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